Fagali’i Airport: A Samoan Gateway

There are few places left on earth that are accessible to man, but still exhibit the purity and raw natural beauty with which they were created. One of those places is the gorgeous island community of Fagali. Know more about Fagali at Lonely Planet. Located in the South Pacific island nation of Somoa, Fagali’i is a small village of less than 2,000 inhabitants. Fagali’i is located on the island of Upolu. This small village is located less than 5 kilometers from Apia, the capital and largest city of Somoa. Fagali is home to the Royal Somoa Golf Course and the Fagali’i International Airport. The airport in Fagali is a quaint facility with only one runway. In fact, the Fagali’i Airport was little more than a grass landing strip for decades. Now, the airport features a fully paved runway capable of supporting commuter size commercial air traffic. The airport is currently owned and operated exclusively by Polynesian Airlines. Know more about Fagali at Trip Advisor. Traffic to and from the small airport is limited at best. Flights currently travel primarily between Fagali and Pago Pago, which is located in American Somoa. There are additional less frequent flights supporting the inter-island routes travelling between Fagali and Ta’u (also known as Fitiuta) and Figali and the Ofu-Olosega Islands of Somoa. These flights were added by Polynesian Airlines in 2009 to support the halt of inter-island services by Somoan Airlines. The limited use of the Fagali led to it’s closure. However, the airport was reopened in 2002 when the runway was sealed, only to be closed again shortly thereafter in 2005. The airport was closed so quickly due to concerns from local leaders about the environmental and ecological impact of the airport and airport traffic. Locals feel that the noise and emissions generated by the planes are damaging to the local plants and wildlife and may ultimately destroy the pristine beauty of the village. In a very controversial decision, the airport was reopened again in 2009 and service has continued since that time. Polynesian airlines services all routes to and from the Fagali Airport with three DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft. These particular aircraft are capable of carrying 19 passengers and are noted for their utility and short take-off and landing capability. The Fagali’i airport is a minimalist airport that is also the gateway into the heart of Somoa.

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