Use The Fagali’I Airport For A Memorable Holiday On Upolu Island

Your holiday is coming up and it is time to decide where to go. Maybe Upolu Island in Samoa might be the magical choice. This small island is the best place to get in tune with your higher self by connecting with the deep, plush nature.

The Fagali Airport will give you easy access to your memorable holiday. It is a very small airport, so it is less hectic than major airports on the island, which means no delays and an easy departing process. There is a basic washrooms inside Fagali and a ticketing counter for travel information. Understand that this airport operates based on the American Samoa immigration rules according to some reviewers online, so always keep that in mind before making plans.

Polynesian Airlines owns this airport, therefore this company is the one issuing tickets at the counter at Fagali. There are two airlines that take you to and from Fagali and they are the Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways. The service destinations, times, and flights might change later. Talofa Airways and Samoa Airways offer over 10 flights per day to Pago Pago on the American Samoa Island and over 2 flights per week to Tongatapu on the Tonga Island. The Pago Pago trip lasts for 35 minutes and the Tongatapu trip lasts for one hour and fifty minutes. Passengers will enjoy their ride on the Samoan Airways DHC-6-300 Twin Otter aircrafts or the Talofa Aiways de Havilland Canada DHC-8-100 aircrafts.

Upon departing the airport, there is ground transportation available. Drivers can take you to a nearby small market to buy items. You will see Apia as a whole because the town is only a five-minute ride from the airport. You could walk there if you choose because it is very safe. Crime is at a minimum on the island. Upolu is out of range of typhoons so there are no natural disasters hanging above your head.

Some nearby activities to engage include scuba diving and snorkeling the underwater nature reserves. This, in addition to soaking up some sun on the majestic beaches, makes it worth the trip. There are also local tours for nature explorations and yoga retreats for connecting mind, body, and spirit together.

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