How Chris Burch Built The Best Hotel On The Planet

Most people likely think the best hotel in the world is located in a major international city like New York City or London. However, it is actually located on a remote Indonesian island called Sumba. This island is completely off the grid and is known among surfers as having legendary waves. On this island is Nihiwatu Resort which had been a surf lodge for a few decades before being bought by entrepreneur Chris Burch. He is a self-made billionaire who wanted to turn it into a five-star hotel. He partnered with James McBride who has been a hotelier for many years and together they created a hotel that embraces the Sumbanese culture while also offering pure luxury based on

Before buying the Nihiwatu Resort, Chris Burch had traveled there with his three sons. They all fell in love with the place and he decided to make enough of an investment to turn it into a world-class resort. He was successful in this endeavor as the readers of Travel + Leisure voted it as the #1 hotel in the world in both 2016 and 2017, see (

Every guest gets their own butler for the entirety of their stay. There are private infinity pools, a treetop spa, and a secluded private beach guests can enjoy. The food is included as part of the hotel rates and there are four high-end restaurants as well as a club. The itinerary of each guest is customized to what they want to get out of their trip to Sumba. Guests can go on horse rides, engage in yoga, or go surfing (with only ten surfers allowed at any time) see (

Chris Burch opened his first business in 1976. This was Eagle’s Eye which he created with his brother, Bob. They invested $2000 in getting this company going and by the time they sold it the value of it had grown to $165 million. This was an apparel company which many of his other companies since that time have also been such as Poppin, Tory Burch, and TRADEMARK among others; you go to this link

He has also started companies in other industries. Within the tech industry Chris Burch started Jawbone which is a popular audio manufacturer. In the food and drink industry some of the brands he has started are Voss Water, BaubleBar, and Brad’s Raw Foods. He has also served on the board of a number of organizations such as The Continuum Group, Tory Burch, and Guggenheim Capital.


The Development Of A Robust Real Estate Industry

The development of the real estate industry has brought many players on board who have changed the face of the industry in the 21st century. Technological growth and digitization have also played a very vital role in the establishment of a robust real estate industry. Hussain Sajwani is an icon in the real estate field who has contributed to the establishment of modern residential and commercial estates in Dubai. He is a well-known and celebrated individual in the world of real estate owing to many years of experience in the field. Hussain Sajwani is the owner of DAMAC Properties, a company he established in 2002 which has changed the lives of many people globally. He started his career in the food industry where he used to offer catering services to the U.S. military and Bechtel. Through this job, he opened other avenues of investments that led him to establish his own real estate development company.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, is a graduate of the University of Washington where he acquired the expertise to venture into the financial, administration and real estate development. DAMAC Properties has been in the limelight since the mid-90s when it started by building hotels to accommodate many tourists and business personalities that came to Emirates to develop trade. Since then, DAMAC Properties has expanded to operate in other cities like Doha, Beirut, Amman, Jeddah, Dubai, and London. The company is among the largest real estate developer in the Middle East.

Hussain Sajwani has established relationships with big names and personalities across the world. He is a personal friend to the United States of America president Donald Trump. They have had a healthy relationship before he became president and hope to continue doing business with the first family. Through their partnership, they developed Trump International Golf Club with villas that were sold for over $ 2 billion. Donald Trump recognized the presence of Hussain Sajwani at the New Year’s party when appreciated him for coming to the event.

DAMAC Properties has also had an impact on the lives of many as it has employed over 2000 employees. As such, DAMAC Properties has stood the test of time and remains a world leader in real estate development.

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The career path of Milan Kordestani that led to the start of Milan farm

Stanford is where Milan Kordestani was born and in the same place is where he attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school. There was the move to London that took place after the parents of Milan Kordestani divorced. He didn’t stay there for a while because in 2010 he moved to Bay Area where he joined the Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton, in the same place is where he attended high school to graduate in 2017. The interest that he has in riding horses began when he was young and that is at 10 years. The most memorable thing that he remembers when riding the horse at a young age is when he was thrown off the horse, and he got up on the horse to finish of the race. The thing that surprised so many people because for other kids they could have been afraid of getting back on the horse that mistreated them.

The riding of the horses has been a root of the dedication that he has, because when he started the lesson of riding the horse it didn’t take long before he started competing at the high levels. Apart from the achievement that he has being an equestrian he is the founder of Milan Farm a firm that will deal with production of eggs, saffron and poultry. He still offers his services to the Huffington Post where he is the writer. In early 2015 is when Milan Kordestani founded Milan Farm so that he would begin the interest that had in having the poultry raised in a humane and organic area and use organic growing to grow 100% pure saffron.

The primary goal that Milan Farm has is that they will be able to offer the clients a legitimate option. For raising the animals they will use transparency, and for the plants, they use organic ways, and that has been the honest option they have been offering the clients. Kordestani suggests that if the clients have an idea of exactly what they want then the thing that they should get is an honest option. In 2016 Milan Farm has expanded to three separate farms when they become a trademark.



Music in the 21st century has grown in leaps and bounds, so much so that acts keep spring up and raising the level and the music industries to higher levels. One such group, whose music has garnered interest and continues to influence music genres all around the world is the Chainsmokers.

The Chainsmokers is an American DJ and production duo made up of Alex pall (Born May 16, 1985) and Andrew Taggart (Born December 31, 1989.) Both of whom have backgrounds in music. Andrew Taggart attended the Syracuse University prestigious bandier program for music and entertainment industries. Alex pall on the other hand majored in art history and music business at New York University.

The pair met and formed the group Chainsmokers in 2012 choosing to focus on Electro-pop/ EDM pop. In past interviews they have described their style of music as blurring the lines between indie, pop, dance music and hip-hop genres.

The Chainsmokers achieved international acclaim with their 2014 single selfie which featured favorably in charts worldwide. The song propelled the duo to new heights and as a result they released their first album Bouquet in 2015, a hugely successful endeavor.

The album Bouquet featured songs like Roses which featured on the top 10 US Billboard Hot 100, Closer became their first number one single on the chart and Don’t let me down won a Grammy award for best dance recording at the 59th edition of the awards ceremony. Other major awards the group have won include five iHeartRadio Music awards and Two American Music Awards.


Recently the duo released a hit single that is already turning heads in music circles. The song will feature in the Chainsmokers second upcoming studio album. In a video released on their Facebook page some time ago, the Chainsmokers divulged the mechanics of how they came up with somebody. The video shows both Alex pall and Andrew Taggart fiddling with pianos trying to come up with the perfect tune.

The video just goes to show how much work and dedication is required to produce the works of art the Chainsmokers come up with. In addition, it clearly depicts that the duo love what they do.

It could be said that is reason enough for every fan and lover of music to go out there and listen to this tune.

How Jim Larkin Came Up With a Powerful Union for Laborers

Any union defending human rights will only succeed if there is a passionate person behind it. The number of unions that protect human rights has been increasing. People who are committed to socialism and activism are said to be the force behind the growth of human right defense unions. Jim Larkin is one of the great people who offer support to such groups.

He can go to any length to see human rights defended and protected. James has been a faithful member of the National Union of Dock Laborers. This union was formed before James had shown any interest in socialism. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

This union (NUDL) maintained all laborers were equal, and fairness has to exist in the employment sector. He said the laborers who associated closely with the union and those who didn’t ought to be treated fairly. He noted that people who were biased towards some laborers were hurting the peace and freedom people should enjoy in a great way.

Jim Larkin always felt being a member of NUDL was the best decision he ever made. He became a member of this union in 1905, and his enthusiasm in his tasks was unending. He got involved in many activities in the union and succeeded in most of them.

Although he had good plans to defend the rights of the laborers, he didn’t find the environment he needed to do this. Some days later, Jim Larkin left NUDL for reasons that only James Sexton understood.

Jim Larkin had strongly disagreed with Sexton on some human right truths, and this developed a great rivalry between the two. Some people allied to Sexton alleged Larking had treasured insubordination, but this wasn’t true. From NUDL, Larkin developed interests in ITWGU.

Larkin said the formation of this organization was one of his most exciting moments. As the secretary general of ITWGU, Larkin was determined to create an environment that would accommodate both the unskilled and skilled Irish workers.

Later on, Jim Larkin collaborated with James Connolly in the formation of Irish Labor Party, a more prominent union. Some people thought ILP was political until 1993 during the Dublin lockout when its true colors were disclosed. People came to realize the organization was meant to create a better society for the people.

Sujit Choudhry on Democratic Decline and the Rise of Autocracy

Eminent scholar and expert on constitutional law Sujit Choudhry believes democracies around the world are under threat. Sujit Choudhry, in a chapter included in the forthcoming book Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?, points to a recent tweet by former United States Attorney General Eric Holder, in which he called the removal of Special Counsel Robert Mueller by President Donald Trump an “absolute red line” ( If this “red line” is crossed, Holder says, then mass protests by the American people in support of both Mueller and the office of special counsel are in order.  Indeed, says Sujit Choudhry, in this day and age, there is no bright line separating democracy and autocracy, rather these two types of regimes sit at either end of a continuum. The crossing of constitutional red lines, the violation of constitutional norms, is what may swing a once liberal democracy in the direction of autocracy. This process takes different forms. Sujit Choudhry points to the example of the Law and Justice Party (PiS) in Poland, see ( This nationalist party has, since their decisive victory in the 2015 election, attempted to consolidate its hold on power through the elimination or subversion of constitutional safeguards. The party did this not by forcing through sweeping changes to the constitution but by making incremental, largely technical adjustments to the levers of power. And yet this was sufficient to completely alter the political terrain in Poland, cementing the PiS’s status as the dominant party for the foreseeable future. This process, where a government wrongly exercises legal authority for the purpose of grabbing power, falls under the rubric of what Sujit Choudhry calls “democratic backsliding.” He parallels Poland’s example with that of the United States, citing Holder’s invocation of the term “red line” as posted on Such absolutes, he says, are necessary when both sides of the debate have taken the position that “there are few, if any, right or wrong answers at all.”

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Crystalized peaches? Nope, my new EOS lip balm, let’s review.

The crystal EOS Lip Balm is like a dream, click ( The fact that it is Vegan and not tested on animals is enough to make your heart smile. And that is just the beginning.

The hibiscus peach flavor crystal EOS lip balm does not come in the egg that EOS is known for, instead it has a new sleek rounded 3 sided prism container, check here. Making it look futuristic yet elegant. The lip balm itself is translucent and looks like gelatin but with out the jiggle of course. It contains no wax or petroleum, which is a great thing. Being cautious about what goes onto and eventually into your body is a must. The smell of the lip balm takes you to the middle of a peach orchard on a warm summer day, hop over this link,

The crystal EOS Lip Balm glides ever so smoothly across your lips, to leave your lips moisturized and totally kissable, see here. It even make your lips look moisturized with out making them look greasy or overly glossy.

Overall this Crystal EOS lip balm is made with quality ingredients. The smell is delicious yet very subtle. It performs its duties well as a lip balm making the lips soft while giving them the look of a dew kissed flower in early morning. This is definitely worth adding to your collection. Click mapleholistics for more info.


Chris Burch Says Creativity Can In Fact Mix With Productivity

Who says you always need to take a timeout to brainstorm on ideas? Certainly not Chris Burch who founded Burch Creative Capital several years ago. Burch finds creativity to be essential in business planning and he says sometimes the best way to be creative and productive at the same time is to jot down any idea if it comes to mind all of the sudden. And if you’re meeting with your colleagues anytime soon, share that idea with them.

Chris Burch used his creative thinking to start a million-dollar sweater apparel chain store over 40 years ago, watch here on ( He had over 50 locations opened and made over $140 million in sales. Burch sold the company and then turned to other venture capital investments as well as being an investor in Guggenheim Partners. He owned about a third of the shares in Tory Burch, a fashion brand begun by his wife.

Chris Burch started Burch Creative Capital around 2008 and gave it its name because he wanted it to be all about bringing artistic endeavors to the forefront of its portfolio, click The industries Burch has holdings in include technology and IoT, retail, logistics financial and hospitality. He also helped talk show hostess Ellen DeGeneres start a home lifestyle brand known as ED, see (

Chris Burch also has a lot of investments in real estate with one of the first big hotels he invested in being the Faena Hotel + Universe in Argentina. His most recent big real estate project was buying a resort in Sumba Island in Indonesia and turning it into a $30 million vacation place, see more here on Burch has said he hopes to keep this property run by his family for many years to come. His total assets and net worth as summed up by Forbes ranked him as a billionaire in 2012.


Jason Hope Sees the Potential of The Internet of Things

Jason Hope has always been a firm believer in The Internet of Things,and it is proving to be well-accepted and intergrade by airports because it is proving to be a valuable asset. Wireless connection is becoming more and more common these days and Gartner Inc.predicts that 25 billion things will probably be connected by the year 2020.

Bluetooth beacon technology is a very important part of The Internet of Things and makes it possible for the lines of communication to be open between people. A beacon is a transmitting device that has the purpose of gathering and relaying information. Many beacons in this day and age are actually tiny stickers that are embedded with sensors and can be placed on pretty much anything.

This technology will change the way airports operate and 37% have already allotted a portion of their budgets to implement teh useful technology. In fact, 58% plan to implement these changes within the next three years. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

Jason Hope points out that there’re numerous benefits to implementing The Internet of Things into air travel. There’s the benefit of safety. Planes are connected through a wireless communication system that schedules maintenance and monitors the safety items on the plane.

Customer service is also improved,and check-in, personalized travel, and creature comforts are all made possible thanks to the technology. Even baggage handling is improved and beacon technology will make it easy to locate luggage thanks to beacon technology.

Jason Hope is predicting that The Internet of Things will become much more prevalent in the very near future and will make our daily lives run more smoothly and efficiently.

The Internet of Things is pretty much limitless as to what it can do according to Jason Hope. He says to expect to see such things as wearable technology that will guide travelers through the airport and intelligent touch-displays that will provide real-time information for travelers.

Airlines will even be able to build sensing devices right into the cabin and seats so that travelers well-being can be tracked during the flight. Customer satisfaction is at the top of the list and airlines want to provide the very best experience possible with the Internet of Things that is a very possible goal.

Jason Hope believes that The Internet of Things has the power to really change the way people see flying and can turn the negative aspect associated with it into a positive.

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Newark New Jersey Welcomes Shaquille O’Neal And Boraie Development To Build High-Rise Luxury Apartments

The Boraie Difference



For many Real Estate Development Moguls, the risk of building in areas that are far less than ‘prime’ locations is too high. Many investors aren’t willing to wager their deep pockets on something that could essentially fail. This is where Boraie Development deviates from the typical developer. In the real estate arena, there are many areas that are failing due to the lack of new builds. The Boraie Team changed that, with deliberately seeking out build sites in distressed areas, to hopefully encourage growth in the local economy. Atlantic City, for example has many casinos, but 85% of the employees live outside of the city. Boraie has made the move when others refused, soon opening their brand new luxury residential Apartment Homes they hope to fill inside Atlantic City. For more details visit Crunchbase.



Urban Development At It’s Finest



Boraie Development is a large, privately owned real estate company that encompasses property management, new multi-level builds, as well as sales. Based in New Jersey, they focus on the the distressed areas in urban communities. By offering these beautiful homes, Boraie intends to promote economical stimulus. Areas like Newark and New Brunswick are notably struggling, and building large units for multiple residents this gives potential renters desirable options within the cities.



Shaquille O’Neal Proudly Dubs His $79M High-Rise “Shaq Towers”



One celebrity in particular has an absolute connection with Newark, New Jersey. A Legend in Basketball, Shaquille O’Neal is commonly referred to as the greatest player of all times. Now, he will be a legend in the Real Estate sector, with a 79 Million dollar high-rise going in that he himself invested in. The high-rise titled “Shaq Towers’ is the first of it’s kind to be built in the area in over fifty years. Shaq remembers the city he grew up in as a beautiful place, and he intends to recreate that beauty with this luxury apartment development. Partnering with Boraie, the future of Newark is optimistic with buildings such as this going in, and Shaq is proud to be a part of developing this site. Nearby is the newest addition to celebrity chef, Marcus Samuelsson’s cache of restaurants. Additionally the apartment homes will be within walking distance from major shopping centers, Whole Foods, and New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Check out pressofatlanticcity for more.




Going Once, Going Twice, GONE



Applications for leasing become available as early as September, and with Shaquille O’Neal and Boraie Development behind the magic, chances are the building will not stay vacant long. Due to the gorgeous homes that will be available, and the celebrity status of the investor, there will be no shortage of potential residents.



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