How To Power Through Your To Do List(s)

To do lists, we’ve all made them, but how many of us actually finish them. Some of us start completing the tasks on our list, but some times life just gets in the way. If you were to pile up all the to do lists that you’ve made in the past, how high would that pile of lists be? You wonder if there’s a mystical method of getting a to-do-list done? Well, there’s no mystical method, however there are some different ways to complete your to-do-list.

Once you start to discover some of the various methods to complete a to-do-list you’ll begin to complete tasks on time and you’ll finally get rid of the guilty state of not finishing tasks. So, how does one figure out how to plow through a to-do-lists, we’ve all made them, but how many of us actually finish them?

We have put together some elements that you can employ to empower your journey of list completion. First, try not to fixate on the tasks that you did not do, because your concentration is diluted as a result. Thus, tasks that are not completed will make it difficult for you to pay attention your current life and cause unnecessary stress. To solve the problem of unfinished tasks, just write everything down. When you write everything down, it frees your mind of the burden of not finishing tasks. So, how do you write everything down? Simple, you can just use a to-do-list software that’s paired with a mobile app.

Also, try finishing your most important tasks in the early morning (your energy is higher). Next, try to put all of your to-do-list on one tool (ie Iphone), because your task may be in many locations. Further, use a tool that assigns/manage your time to quantify your task so that completions wont seem impossible and you should clearly define priorities and reevaluate when necessary. In addition, strategically delegate tasks to your team and take time to break large task into smaller task. Finally, be mindful that all tasks are not the same and it’s important for you to match your energy levels with your tasks.

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