Alexandre Gama Is An Awesome Winner

     Brazil is home to roughly 300,000,000 people. The country is the fifth-largest in terms of population and is further home to the sixth-strongest economy on planet Earth. One thing Brazil has traditionally fallen short on, however, is its advertising.

Alexandre Gama helped change advertising in Brazil to make it more like what the world’s best country to advertise in, the United States, pumped out to its viewers.

Gama never got this far by luck of the draw or hailing from a long line of successful businesspeople or advertisers. Rather, he worked hard, took up jobs at only the most prestigious advertising agencies, and networked incredibly well across the continents of South America, North America, and Europe.

Neogama also provided Mr. Alexandre Gama with a fair bit of clout in Brazil, especially when it concerns the advertising industry in Brazil.

In order to succeed, or at least go very much of anywhere in life, Mr. Alexandre Gama knew what he first needed to take care of after he got done with the Brazilian equivalent of an American high school. Mr. Gama knew that the FAAP, or the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, was one of the most reputable universities in all of Brazil. Fortunately for him, however, FAAP was able to mold Gama into an entirely new person in just four short years – he attended from 1978 to 1982 – earning him a degree with highest honors in advertising and marketing.

Over the years, Mr. Gama worked for the likes of Almap BBDO, Y&R, the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies, the International Film Jury, and many other organizational causes. Such high-quality experience was able to catapult Mr. Alexandre Gama into the career that he and his coworkers, fellow board members, and other peers always wanted to see Mr. Gama follow the path of.

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