Getting Started with ecigs

You may have been lured to electronic cigarettes as a way of ditching the traditional rolled cigarettes for their added convenience, or simply for the lower prices of using them. Electronic cigarettes are certainly more modern than traditional cigarettes and have a wider range of flavors and options to choose from. If you are deciding to go down the path of using electronic cigarettes, it is important to start with a basic understanding of them before starting to buy the electronic cigarettes and e-liquids needed.

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Electronic cigarettes have a chamber that e-liquid is placed into. In the typical model, the e-liquid is poured into it. For smaller pen models, an e-liquid cartridge is screwed into the e-cig pen. This e-liquid contains the nicotine and flavoring and is consumed in the smoking process. However, unlike traditional cigarettes, e-liquids are longer lasting and provide a more efficient way of smoking. An atomizer will heat up the e-liquid at a high temperature that does not produce smoke, just the vapor with the nicotine substance. As such, people are less likely to complain about secondhand smoke or to be disturbed by the vapor. What you receive is the pure e-liquid vapor.

Shopping for an E-Cig

The hardware that you use in your e-cig is part of the experience, and it pays to invest in a quality brand You will want a quality starter kit with an e-cig, usb charger, and possibly a car charger, so you can make sure that your device is charged at all times. O2pur is a quality brand who manufacturers great e-cigs that are warrantied, well-constructed, and great for a beginner to use. Their prices are very reasonable and there are many different options for e-cig solutions. Check out their website and see the varying options available for the O2pur e-cigs for sale.

Shopping for an E-liquid

Almost as important as the e-cig is the e-liquid that is used in the e-cig. After all, the e-liquid has the flavor and nicotine that you will enjoy. The increased popularity of e-liquids and e-cigs means that there are many new brands that are producing e-liquids. Again, concentrate on choosing a quality brand with a great safety record and with flavors that appeal to you. It is a good idea to focus on the brands that make a variety of different e-liquid flavors you can sample and that are widely available in vape shops. Try O2pur, one of the very best out there, and see if it appeals to you before trying and sampling some of the other brands available.

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