Bruno Fagali Goes The Extra Mile For Consumers

     As a lawyer specializing in administrative law and compliance, Brazilian attorney Bruno Fagali has developed a well-deserved reputation for going the extra mile for consumers. One example of this would include his recent piece entitled, “The Fake News Fight By The TSE And Their Newest Threat: The Deep Fakes.”

In this blog entry, Fagali Discusses the current media fascination with what is called “fake news.” Fagali notes how this term became popular during the 2016 United States election in which Donald Trump was elected. Fagali also noted that even though fake news was considered a new concept in the states, it is something that Brazilians have been dealing with for several years now. indeed, in 2014, many say that the electoral process in Brazil was corrupted by many fake robotic social media accounts. And, if that weren’t bad enough, now there are now even more issues for Brazilian voters to have to hurdle.

This new area of concern is called Deepfakes. “Deepfakes” is a new phenomenon where a computer program unfortunately now has the ability to place a person’s face in a video that he or she was not a part of. Although these deep fakes have initially been used against politicians, Bruno Fagali and his team can easily see how one of these fake videos could easily be used as a smear campaign against a business competitor.

How is Bruno Fagali and his team going to fight this? First of all, they are going to lobby the TSE and insist on them deepening their initiatives. Bruno Fagali also believes that creating a public awareness campaign would be extremely beneficial. Going forward, this legal team definitely recommends that everyone pay close attention to what they read but also to what they see. in this manner, Bruno Fagali and his team believe that some of the damages from “Deep Fakes” could be mitigated in his country and also worldwide.

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