Stansberry Research Says Economy is Bad

Many people are beginning to wonder if they can trust the media news stations to report on economic issues accurately. It has shown that now perhaps more so than ever how politically bias media outlets are. This is because many of them are privately owned by the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. We see the bias in their news come out when they are speaking on matters of the economy.

That is why Frank Porter started the Stansberry Research company in 1999. He wanted people to be able to get good advice on the news of the economy with how political affiliations dictating what he should say. This has allowed his company to speak to issues that are full of controversy. However, even though they are full of controversy, people who listen to their advice have been able to keep their wealth.

This freedom from political baggage has aided Stansberry Research well during the administration of President Donald Trump. President Donald Trump has made several unfavorable decisions as of late.

The first unfavorable decision he made had to do with increasing the federal deficit. This was unpopular with many people in the Republican-controlled Congress. This is because it was a bipartisan bill and ended up costing $1.2 trillion.

Stansberry Research says since the deficit is now on the rise, inflation is coming alongside it. As inflation increases the dollar loses strength. That means your hourly wage just became less value in your purchases.

Another unfavorable decision that President Donald Trump recently made had to deal with the steel industry. President Donald Trump wants to force jobs to come back to the United States of America. He plans on doing this by increasing tariffs. The steel industry is just one example. Many of the most oil people in his political base feel that this is a bad decision. Even his top economic advisor Gary Cohn told him not to pursue this road. It ended with Gary Cohn resigning.

Stansberry Research is conveying that the United States of America will hurt its own economy because the European Union will retaliate with tariffs of their own.

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