Go Mobile With NGP VAN’s Distributed Canvassing

Political canvassing has come a long way. In the past, field managers would spend hours pouring over precinct maps and lists of voters. Then they’d divide up the amount of homes and residents in the area into separate walk lists. These were handed out to volunteers and staff members, all on paper. Almost half of their workday was spent “cutting turf.”

The job description now has changed for the better, thanks to Washington D.C. web developer NGP VAN. They recently released a program that cuts turf, freeing up the valuable time of activists and field organizers. The program is named Distributed Canvassing, and it’s a game changer.

What is it?

It’s an app programmed to cut turf using parameters set by the field manager. The number of canvassers and the number of doors are entered, and the program cuts turf for you based on the canvassers location.

Who Came Up With it?

NGP VAN already had an app they’d developed with the DNC called Knock 10. This app mobilized countless volunteers to knock on doors by telling them where the nearest voters were with regard to their location. It was a remarkable success though field staff still had a few reservations about giving up total control of turf cutting. NGP VAN took their suggestions to heart, and now the beta version of Distributed Canvassing is off to a roaring start. It uses the best of Knock 10 and makes it even better. Now volunteers and canvass staff can input their location and immediately be sent to a pre-cut turf close by. The time and frustration saved compared to the old way of doing things is incredible.

Distributed Canvassing is still in beta testing, but is available for use by enthusiastic campaigns everywhere. Contact us today to learn more about mobile canvassing technology.

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