Stansberry Research Says Economy is Bad

Many people are beginning to wonder if they can trust the media news stations to report on economic issues accurately. It has shown that now perhaps more so than ever how politically bias media outlets are. This is because many of them are privately owned by the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. We see the bias in their news come out when they are speaking on matters of the economy.

That is why Frank Porter started the Stansberry Research company in 1999. He wanted people to be able to get good advice on the news of the economy with how political affiliations dictating what he should say. This has allowed his company to speak to issues that are full of controversy. However, even though they are full of controversy, people who listen to their advice have been able to keep their wealth.

This freedom from political baggage has aided Stansberry Research well during the administration of President Donald Trump. President Donald Trump has made several unfavorable decisions as of late.

The first unfavorable decision he made had to do with increasing the federal deficit. This was unpopular with many people in the Republican-controlled Congress. This is because it was a bipartisan bill and ended up costing $1.2 trillion.

Stansberry Research says since the deficit is now on the rise, inflation is coming alongside it. As inflation increases the dollar loses strength. That means your hourly wage just became less value in your purchases.

Another unfavorable decision that President Donald Trump recently made had to deal with the steel industry. President Donald Trump wants to force jobs to come back to the United States of America. He plans on doing this by increasing tariffs. The steel industry is just one example. Many of the most oil people in his political base feel that this is a bad decision. Even his top economic advisor Gary Cohn told him not to pursue this road. It ended with Gary Cohn resigning.

Stansberry Research is conveying that the United States of America will hurt its own economy because the European Union will retaliate with tariffs of their own.

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Jorge Moll – Brazilian Neuroscience Pioneer

Jorge Moll, MD, PhD, is the founder and the current President of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), established in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Moll is well known among the public for founding a network to improve hospital services, at an affordable rate. He is better known in the medical community for his groundbreaking work with the brain.

Curious Minds

Moll, a Neurologist, concentrates primarily on the psychological and neural mechanisms which dictate human choices and how they are molded by a person’s morals and values. Moll is credited with being the first neuroscientist to tie together the relationship between the act of giving and the brain. He discovered that the brain reacted in the same manner as eating, as it did when an individual committed a charitable act. Moll examined multiple parts of the brain at the same time, which is a rather unique approach, as most brain studies focus on one specific portion of the brain at one time.

Moll’s research has since continued to focus on using brain scans to understand altruism’s impact on the brain and to learn to help people increase their levels of empathy. Not only does this help people to become more empathetic, but Moll believes this also helps people to become happier and healthier, and reduces their risk of disease and heart attack.

Still, the primary end goal is to train people to become more empathetic, something many people struggle with. But Moll believes there also may be potential to help those who struggle with mental illness, such as postpartum depression, develop or just regain the ability to empathize with others.

There is also some potential for work to be done with those who suffer from autism, which is characterized by an individual’s inability to empathize with others ( Moll has also said he would like to eventually expand the study to include psychopaths, who have a complete lack of empathy for others, which would truly be the ultimate test.


Matt Badiali’s Viral Video: Freedom Checks Are A Real Investment

Matt Badiali has piped the interests of millions of viewers upon his recent viral video around a unique investment opportunity that he has referred to as Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks are a real investment opportunity and not a bad idea. Freedom Checks referred to the periodic payments from corporations which are known as master limited partnerships. A master limited partnership is a classification of organization allows companies in the oil and natural gas industries in the United States of America to operate with zero tax liability. The classification master limited partnership was first introduced to the US economy in the 1980s as the United States of America was seeking ways to incentivize corporations to hasten the speed of America’s quest for energy independence. Visit to know more.  In the 1980s Congress passed a piece of legislation referred to as Statute 26-F. As a result of Statute 26-F if corporations were able to meet a list of requirements, they could qualify to operate tax-free. Obviously, this is an incredible incentive for corporations to meet this requirement.

In order for a corporation to qualify to operate as a master limited partnership, they must do two things. First, they must produce 90% of their revenue from the production, processing, storage, and transportation of oil and natural gas here domestically within the borders of the United States of America. Additionally, the corporation must also pay out a portion of its revenues to shareholders on either a monthly or quarterly basis. It is these periodic payments that Matt Badiali refers to whenever he speaks of Freedom Checks in his viral video. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Freedom Checks is that the income that is produced from these investments is treated as a return of capital and not as personal income. As a result of it being treated as a return of capital, it is only subject to the much lower capital gains rate of tax instead of personal income tax rates. These periodic payments are very similar to dividends that you would receive from investments in the traditional stock market other than being treated as a return of capital. As such Freedom Checks represent a unique opportunity for investors, who wished to create regular streams of income without increasing their personal income tax liability. Matt Badiali first discovered these investments whenever he was doing research for a project involved in the oil and natural gas industries. It was during this time that he first was informed about Statute 26-F from some of the world’s leading oil and natural gas experts.


HCR Wealth Advisors Helping People with Their Finances

People these days are having a tough time meeting the increasing living expenses, starting from tuition fees of children to groceries and from utilities to taxes. It is primarily because the people these days are living longer, and the retirement planning of the old people is failing. Middle-aged people not only have to look after their parents but also raise their children and at the same time, save for their future. It is becoming difficult for middle-aged people to keep a financial balance. However, with the help of experts, it is very much possible.

HCR Wealth is a registered investment advisory firm that helps people with their retirement as well as financial planning in a comprehensive manner. The amount of investment options available these days can be confusing to everyday people, but with the help of financial guidance, it becomes much easier to invest wisely for long-term wealth creation. HCR Wealth Advisors has years of experience in providing financial advice. The financial planning offered by experts at @HCRwealth is customized as per the financial situations and expectations of the clients.

Understanding market volatility can be difficult for the layman as many factors need to be considered when investing or making any financial decisions. HCR Wealth Advisors says that there are certain principles about long-term wealth creation and investment that people should follow. One of the first tips given by the experts at HCR Wealth Advisors is that people should ensure that they invest on a regular basis, even if the amount is small. Any amount is a good amount as long as it promises returns and is put away to mature. One of the tips given by HCR Wealth Advisors is to make retirement planning a top priority. When retirement planning becomes a financial priority, it becomes easier to secure financial future and achieve long-term wealth creation goals.

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Recent News: Ian King Is Here To Explain The Importance Of Cryptocorns

Some of you may have heard about CryptoCorns. While there is a fair amount of speculation regarding the valuation of these startups, the numbers are certainly staggering and have led to further monitoring. Simply put, a CryptoCorn receives its name because it is considered to be a unicorn of the cryptocurrency world.

So how does a startup make its way into such rarefied air? To be classified as a CryptoCorn, a startup must be valued at over $1 billion dollars. In Ian King’s estimation, this is an indication of just how many investors are waiting to get involved. Read more at Talk Markets.

Instead of receiving a series of investments that are provided by those without deep pockets, CryptoCorns are surprisingly limited to larger investors. According to past historical trends, this is all about to change, though. Thanks to Ian King, you will now have the chance to sit front and center and watch the show.

Investors of lower means often found themselves scrambling in the wake of major losses in the past. Those who had limited funds to invest in a new company would be left high and dry once the initial public offering was complete. These offerings may be risky but did you know that there are preferable crypto investment methods that you can take on?

We now have the opportunity to invest in these currencies without having to place our faith in any one startup. This allows investors to steer clear of the pitfalls that tend to take place when a sizable amount of money is placed into one particular cryptocurrency.

Ian King is your ombudsman when it comes to future investments and the understanding of CryptoCorns. He has spent a great deal of time watching the ebb and flow of the marketplace. This places him a very advantageous position as far as predicting the waves of the future is concerned. Follow Ian King at

He has the type of knowledge that can only be gained by watching the traditional stock market and the rise of cryptocurrency with equal levels of interest. Investors who are looking to have the opportunity to gain an actual stake in what they are investing in would do well to lean on his tutelage.

Striking while the iron is hot is very important in these sorts of instances. The possibilities are endless and we no longer have to spend our hard earned money assisting the truly big time players. Thanks to Ian King’s advice, you now have an equal chance at the next big thing.


Go Mobile With NGP VAN’s Distributed Canvassing

Political canvassing has come a long way. In the past, field managers would spend hours pouring over precinct maps and lists of voters. Then they’d divide up the amount of homes and residents in the area into separate walk lists. These were handed out to volunteers and staff members, all on paper. Almost half of their workday was spent “cutting turf.”

The job description now has changed for the better, thanks to Washington D.C. web developer NGP VAN. They recently released a program that cuts turf, freeing up the valuable time of activists and field organizers. The program is named Distributed Canvassing, and it’s a game changer.

What is it?

It’s an app programmed to cut turf using parameters set by the field manager. The number of canvassers and the number of doors are entered, and the program cuts turf for you based on the canvassers location.

Who Came Up With it?

NGP VAN already had an app they’d developed with the DNC called Knock 10. This app mobilized countless volunteers to knock on doors by telling them where the nearest voters were with regard to their location. It was a remarkable success though field staff still had a few reservations about giving up total control of turf cutting. NGP VAN took their suggestions to heart, and now the beta version of Distributed Canvassing is off to a roaring start. It uses the best of Knock 10 and makes it even better. Now volunteers and canvass staff can input their location and immediately be sent to a pre-cut turf close by. The time and frustration saved compared to the old way of doing things is incredible.

Distributed Canvassing is still in beta testing, but is available for use by enthusiastic campaigns everywhere. Contact us today to learn more about mobile canvassing technology.

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How Equities First Holdings Generate Transactions that Exceeds $1 Billion

Equities First Holdings (EFH) provides equity-loans to everyone. It has been a primary product from the beginning in 2012. EFH has good performance record. A record that shows they are responsible for over $1 billion dollars in transactions. EFH has an office in London. It has done well. The 700 transactions is a good sign of EFH’s good performance. The London office’s performance helps grow to new markets in Australia and in China. Businesses like the versatility of an equity-loan. It can be used for any purpose, and the loan is easier to gain approval for than a traditional loan. A good example of equity-loan involved the CEO CEO of PaySafe Group PLC (PSG) Joel Leonoff.

EFH allowed Leonoff to use 1.5 million shares as collateral for a loan with a three-year term. After he repaid the loan, Leonoff received over 9 million shares. Business sees it is simple process of good product.

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NetPicks Extensive Experience in Forex Trading

Introduction and Overview of NetPicks

NetPicks was created in 1996. NetPicks operates out of Irving, Texas. Mark Soberman is founder of the company. NetPicks has more than 25 years of market trading experience and 17 years of educational trading experience (

NetPicks provides guidance to their users in the forex market. For beginner traders, the forex market can seem complicated and complex. Buyers and sellers can easily become overwhelmed without strategic advice. NetPicks provides live signal service. This allows traders to trade in a variety of cities internationally at all hours. Whether it’s New York, London, Paris, Sydney or Tokyo, there is always a market open

Technicalities of Forex

“Spot trading” is a practice where traders trade at moments notice. There are no premeditated notions in spot trading. The buyers and sellers make a decision based on real-time updates from the system. Timing is crucial in the market of forex. There are constantly updates and advancements taking place. Those who are business owners typically prefer trading within the future and forward market.

Buyers and seller prefer trading in pairs because of the ability to increase liquidity. The volume on a typical trading day can exceed $5.2 trillion. Forex market is significantly different than the stock market because forex allows users to invest in a variety of areas.

The most popular combination for trading is USD (United States) and JPY (Japan). Other popular combinations include EUR (Europe) and JPY (Japan), GBP (United Kingdom) and USD (United States), AUD (Australia) and USD (United States), CAD (Canada) and USD (United States).

Trading amongst “exotic” pairs such as the Mexican peso are not as poplar because of the perceived risk factor involved in those transactions. Buyers and seller prefer the forex market’s high liquidity. The market is constantly updating itself and therefore the opportunity for trading is vast.

NetPick advises trades to analyze the risk, buy in pairs, sell in pairs, and keep action consistent and strategic. NetPick has been a trusted name of quality in the forex industry for two decades and continues to be resourceful.

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PSI Pay: An Alternative Banking Solution

The thing about the banking system is that it has been behind schedule when it comes to adapting and conforming with the times. When compared to other fields, the banking and financial system has been the same for a long time. For some, they believe this is the case because instantly switching to a new form of banking such as universal currency or implementing a no physical cash system, is just too much to try and develop. However, having said that, technology has certainly made the banking system much easier and faster to use. With the advancement of technology, new and creative forms of banking are being created. A great example of a company that has taken advantage of the benefits of technology in the banking world is none other than PSI Pay. As an alternative banking solution with much going for them as a company, PSI Pay has many accomplishments to its credit. Specifically speaking, PSI Pay has provided unique payment solutions to different businesses, firms, and corporations on a global scale. With this overall goal in mind, PSI Pay is driven by a group of brilliant professionals with vast, comprehensive experience in the alternative banking scene that the business industry offers. Furthermore, as a company, PSI Pay has a long list of short term and long term goals they want to accomplish. Here is one of the many ways PSI Pay has been successful.

PSI Pay & the difference between the American and European wallet

Considering the area of business they are in, PSI Pay has much to do as a company. However, one of there most successful and acknowledge contributions have been in the American vs European wallet debate. As a banking company, PSI Pay was quick to jump on this issue. In fact, in an article on PSI Pay and this debate, the article clearly discusses the company’s opinion on the differences in the two wallets. In detail, the article discusses that, according to PSI Pay, the American wallet strictly works on the foundation that someone elects to buy items online. In other words, the American wallet is fit for only the American style of life. As for the European wallet, according to PSI Pay, that wallet is designed for when monetary and client account discretion and security is desired but, has the same capabilities of the American wallet. Needless to say, no matter what side of the wallet debate one chooses to side with, PSI Pay is a powerhouse in the alternative banking scene.

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IC System Has Been Around For Decades

The longer that a company has been around and in business, the more experienced that company and those working for it are. The more experienced that a company is, the better that it can handle its work. IC System has been around since 1938, spending decades working in the accounts receivable line of work. This company was founded by a couple, and it has been passed down through three generations of the same family that originally owned it. It is a company that knows what is good and right and that strives to be ethical in all that it does.

IC System is licensed or bonded in each of the states that require them to be that, and they are active in all fifty states. They collect debt across all of the United States and they are also working in Guam and in Puerto Rico. Because of the fact that they can work across the whole country, this company is able to collect debts from those who move out of state. IC System can reach all of those people who owe money, even those who have relocated far away from the place they were at when they first got in debt.

IC System is a company that works hard to be sustainable in all that they do and the way that they go about their business. They encourage their employees to come forward with any ideas that they might have to increase the sustainability of the company. They are mindful of the energy that they use and the effect that they have on the world, and they are careful not to cause too much harm. This company is considerate in the way that it treats the environment and in the way that it goes about getting all of its work completed.