Mark Mofid’s Mission

Dr. Mark Mofid’s La Jolla, California practice offers his patients both surgical and non-surgical enhancements as well as dermatological services. His mission is to provide his patients with personalized care utilizing the most up-to-date advances in the industry. In addition to his La Jolla practice, Dr. Mofid also has a satellite office in the Chula Vista area.

As a Harvard and John Hopkins educated plastic surgeon, Mark Mofid is leading the way in the realm of safer and improved plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Mofid does not accept the status quo. If he sees a problem, he tackles it head-on. This was definitely the case as it pertains to the procedure of gluteal augmentation-butt implants. Gluteal augmentation has been infamous over the years as implants tended to look unnatural and would sag over time. Mark Mofid aimed to improve the procedure by enhancing the look and integrity of the implant. This improvement would, in turn, make the procedure safer and more satisfying for his patients.

The improvement took years of intense study and analysis while working with experts within the industry. Gluteal augmentation is performed over 20 times more often in Brazil than in the US making it the perfect place for Dr. Mofid to pull knowledge regarding the procedure. His work with industry leaders from Brazil directly aided Dr. Mofid’s ability to design a superior gluteal implant.

As he stated in his interview with Medical Spa MD, “The best form of advertising is to do good work.” He fully demonstrated this sentiment with his developments as he refused to accept a flawed procedure. While striving to uphold his mission to his patients, Dr. Mofid was able to create an improvement that will impact not only patients that visit the offices of Mark Mofid but also to plastic surgery patients across the country.

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