Jeff Aronin: Experienced CEO Paragon Pharmaceuticals

CEO Paragon Biosciences

With past experiences in pharmaceutical leadership at Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. and MedCare Technologies, Jeff Aronin has advanced his knowledge and was, in 2010, granted the responsibilities of chairman and CEO of Paragon Pharmaceuticals.


Jeff Aronin’s Background

Jeff Aronin’s experience as the chief executive officer at several globally-known bio-pharmaceutical companies has helped him develop skills in business strategy and development as well as marketing and finance. He is a leader who shows knowledge in the daily management of global companies in a highly-regulated industry. He can also structure and execute corporate transactions that include mergers and acquisition of other companies.



Jeff Aronin has received honors based on his quality entrepreneur ventures and his dedication to ensuring quality medicines are in the market quickly to ensure patient health and wellbeing. Some of the awards he has earned are the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award, Brain Research Foundation, and Brain Research Foundation Award. He has been at the top of many foundation awards for over the past decade. His first was as a finalist of the 2006 Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award.



Aronin supports many charities that work with those who need medical attention. Within these organizations is the Susan G. Komen foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and Liver Life Challenge. Within each organization, he learns much about the needs of patients and clients with life-altering diseases and shares that information with those in Paragon Pharmaceuticals who develop new medicines to help the diverse populations and their diverse illnesses.


About Paragon Pharmaceuticals

Scientists, technology, and commitment work hand-in-hand at Paragon Pharmaceuticals in order to provide the highest quality and effectiveness of medicines for patients.

Paragon Pharmaceuticals, under the leadership of Jeff Aronin, provides their subsidiary companies with experts who dedicate their time and energy to using the latest resources. Each one of Paragon’s companies are joined by both clinical experts and entrepreneurs who will help them through strategy and guidance as well as support. It is important to Paragon and their affiliates to ensure medicines reach those who need them the most.

Members of the clinical teams work in participation with medical professionals to conduct clinical trials and development of new products. The company does their utmost to ensure that development is efficient, accurate, and speedy. The needs of patients are their highest concern.


Paragon Successes

In just the past ten years, thirteen medicines have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This is due to their relentless dedication to applying the latest knowledge to the development of their medicines with a patient-centered approach. They use science to create breakthroughs that will build companies who work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of patients and extend their lives.


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