Whitney Wolfe Is Expanding Bumble with Bumble Bizz

     Whitney Wolfe is doing some interesting things when it comes to the development of technology. Her Bumble application is one that has remained among one of the top downloaded apps for Apple iPhone users and Android users as well.

Whitney Wolfe is showing people that she has something new to bring to the table. Every time that people may assume that she has stopped working to expand Bumble Whitney Wolfe comes up with something new and innovative that makes people start conversating about this app all over again.

This is exactly what has happened now that she has expanded with Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.

There is a great amount of spectator commentary that is evolving about Whitney Wolfe and her determination to build a boulder social media app.

Facebook is known for a larger amount of advertising, but in most cases this is simply an environment where friends are befriending friends that they actually have in real life. There is no dating in a huge way that people date on the Bumble app. This is what separates Facebook and Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe has also gone some steps farther to make sure that people see the benefits of Bumble as a networking environment, and that is why she created Bumble Bizz. The fact that people can still use Bumble for dating and easily switch right into the networking portion makes this different from LinkedIn.

People post their resumes on LinkedIn, and they have a great amount of interest in this app because it allows them to create a platform where they can post their resumes and network with other professionals. This is a great app environment for business professionals, but the reality is that it is limited when it comes to other things outside of this type of network. Whitney Wolfe knew that and this is why she made an attempt to provide something else by creating Bumble Bizz.

There are a great number of possibilities for people that are utilizing Bumble Bizz. What it essentially does is give people access to other network professionals that may have the same goals. Bumble BFF gives people access to others that might be moving from different cities or states that are accepting to find friendship. The original Bumble platform allows people to date. Collectively, this is one of the most diverse app environments for socializing. Bumble is the strongest social media platforms.


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