Perry Mandera Sows into the Heart of Others and Reaps a Harvest of Praise

If you were asked, who is Perry Mandera, the multiplicity of answers might surprise you, but at the heart of each them you will find a man who believes in giving back to his community and paying it forward to others. Perry Mandera is the kind of person every community needs but few find.

A gentle spirit, Mandera has received numerous awards and honors. He is a bold executive who has been in the trucking industry for over forty years. He is the founder and director of The Custom Company, a thriving multifaceted trucking company that provides employment for over a hundred people. Headquartered in Northlake Illinois, Custom Company transports heavy freight items for small unknown as well as Fortune 500 companies across the nation and the world.

Perry Mandera is a skilled athletic coach who sees sports as an alternative to the bad choices so many young people face. He has used his enthusiasm for boxing to help encourage and support Olympic champions Danell “Doc” Nicholson and Andy Lee.

But more importantly, Perry Mandera is a philanthropist who throws the weight of his giving behind organizations like the University of Chicago Medical Center, the Lyn Sage Foundation, Catholic Charities, and the Jesse White Tumblers ( The Tumblers is a group that provides inner-city children with positive activities designed to steer them away from gangs, alcohol, and drugs.

“Always do the right thing and give back to the community” is a philosophy that has served this dedicated church-going veteran well, Perry Mandera, and nowhere is it more evident than in his support of the Illinois State Crime Commission. This commission is a nonprofit organization that works alongside the Police Athletic League to promote programs designed to reduce crime and juvenile delinquency by encouraging positive and respectful interaction among law enforcement and members of the community. The Commission host seminars on gang violence, tactical training on firearms and martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, and event security and management.

Perry Mandera is a role model and a hero. He is a man who learned early on that it is more blessed to give than to receive.


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