Lefkofsky’s Tempus Making Impact in Medical World

Founded by Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus Labs has been making an impact on the medical world for quite some time. The company has been in existence for only three years yet has already been rated as one of the top health tech start up in the nation. Tempus has worked exclusively with National Cancer Institute’s centers around the country. Tempus has already raised $130 million in funding and has excelled in a number of cancer services including RNA sequencing of tumors, sequencing of patients’ tumors and medical imaging.

Lefkofsky’s company Tempus has been recognized for their excellence. Tempus was recently featured on Eric Topol’s list. This yearly article features the latest advances in medical technology that has made headlines. Tempus Labs has also been recognized for a number of its unique technologies. The technology that has gotten the most recognition is gene therapy and gene editing. These technologies are used to help with diseases that many had thought to be untreatable. Voretigene neparvovec-rzyl is used to treat rare vision loss that can lead to blindness. Vivo manipulation has been used to treat Hunter syndrome.

A Michigan native, Eric Lefkofsky has been making an impact on the business world for quite sometime. Lefkofsky learned the value of hard work from his mother who was a school teacher and his father who worked as an engineer. A graduate from the University of Michigan, Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, a tech company focused on battling cancer. Throughout his career, Lefkofsky has started and run several successful companies including InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics and the well known Groupon.

Lefkofsky has used his success to give back to others in a variety of ways. He started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a private charitable group to help in his local community. During his career he has served as a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago. He continues to be committed to helping other through his businesses and through charity. His impact should continue to be felt for many years to come.

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OSI Food Solutions: From a Neighborhood Meat Market to One of America’s Top 100 Companies

As worldwide demand for meat increases, many meat companies are working diligently to keep up with global demand. However, the most successful of companies are working not only to meat that global demand, but are working hard to get out in front of the demand. These companies are predicting desire and working to be in place to meet that demand before it even rises.

OSI Food Solutions is the leader in expansion to meet pre-emptive demand. The company has positioned itself to be ready to supply the volume of meat that people are wanting, both at the moment and in the future. OSI Food Solutions is a worldwide leader in the provision of the finest quality of meats. Among its many offerings are beef, steaks, pork, poultry products and sausages.

The company is a legend in the industry of meat processing and production. It was founded in 1909 by a German immigrant who has a passion for meat. His goal was very admirable. He wanted his family and his neighborhood to have access to the best quality of meat on the market. At the time there were not many options for buying meat, so he founded the neighborhood meat market that became OSI Food Solutions.

Today that little neighborhood meat market has grown into the largest privately-owned purveyor of quality meat products. It is also ranked as number 58 on Forbes’ list of top privately-held companies in the United States. The company has more than 20,000 employees throughout the world and has 65 facilities in 17 countries. It is a true global entity and continues to grow rapidly on an annual basis.

Part of the success of OSI Food Solutions is the company’s strategic growth plan. The company is known for being incredibly focused on how it manages its growth strategy. For example, OSI Group has already established a facility in Toledo, Spain. However, after studying market trends and realizing that there was a specific market demand growth for poultry products, they made the strategic decision to expand offerings in its production of poultry products. So, OSI Group decided that they would invest $17 million dollars to build a high-capacity production line. The company knew that this investment would be recouped as the demand continues to rise. Thanks to the high-capacity production line, OSI Group can now produce double the amount of chicken products. The production went from 12,000 tons annually to 24,000 tons.

Read More: jobs.meinestadt.de/duisburg/standard?id=201028506

The contribution of Larkin and Lacey in the Human rights Sector

The United States is among the areas that have been affected greatly by the matters related to discrimination of the immigrants. The place that most of the people became the victim of the situation was the city of Arizona.

Larkin and Lacey are among the people who have been compelled to act against the state of oppression of the refugees through the promotion of the human rights spirit in the community.

The two were taking the role of journalism before setting their foot in the arena of human right. The factor that made them take the decision was to allow the immigrants enjoy their rights and create a society that can be defined by equality.

Larkin and Lacey have been on the frontline in criticizing the matters affecting the society. Recently, the two came to a position where they criticized the step taken by president Trump in pardoning the leadership of sheriff in the county of Maricopa. The leadership of sheriff had a various incident of corruption and atrocities.

Furthermore, most of the advisers of the sheriff were ant-immigrants, and most of the practices that were taking place within the administration of sheriff were aimed at oppression the immigrants in the community.

Larkin and Lacey made a move to set up a non-profit organization that was meant to foster the mission of the human rights in the community. The name of the organization was Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The primary reason behind the formation of the agency was to make all the operations of the small organizations in the circle of human rights flow along the line of expectation.

The move of the two in the community was lauded. The other mission of the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund was to make the refugees get informed on various issues pertaining their rights and use the right avenues to fight for them.

The matter of the bad blood between the leadership of sheriff of Larkin and Lacey started ay back in the year 2007. The sheriff had ordered the arrest of the two journalists after making the disclosure of the information relating to the grand jury. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Facebook

The move of the authorities precipitated commotion in the society as the public was demanding the release of Larkin and Lacey after being taken away at night. The resilience of the public made the journalist released, and their case dropped. They then sued the administration of sheriff for arresting them unlawfully.

Larkin and Lacey became victorious, and they were compensated a huge amount of $3.75 million. They then channeled the money in reinforcing the efforts of the other small organizations in the circle of the human rights.

Additionally, as a factor of integrating the refugees into the community, the two financed the campaign championing for the freedom of speech to allow the refugees put forward their grievances by using the right avenues. The effort of Larkin and Lacey in the scene of human rights has been substantial. It has attracted support from various parts of the world.

Larkin and Lacey have dedicated much of their time to creating balance in the community by championing for the human rights.

The Steadfast Entrepreneur — Jose Hawilla

Entrepreneurship may be a valuable quality to possess in life, and to realize any dream, it’s necessary to be resilient. Resilience is the key that entrepreneurs all have. They need to realize their dreams, irrespective of what obstacles they encounter. Once they encounter these obstacles, they perpetually fight to realize their goals. Once they bring home the bacon, they fight even more to urge themselves higher. This is often what sets entrepreneurs aside from everybody else within the crowd. However, how do we go about building a sense of resilience?

Building your resilience to the amount of entrepreneurship takes time. It takes focus. You want to ignore all things that don’t serve your mission of changing. After you master your mission, you’ll bring home the bacon in all your goals. Your goals should always line up with your focus. The main focus that it takes to be a productive citizen is what the bourgeois posses. You want to have focus like a sort of optical maser. When you focus on your goals, you will be able to create your destiny. This single plan of action can take you miles towards achieving your goal of becoming a bourgeois entrepreneur.

The most effective entrepreneurs within the world can tell you stories regarding how they created their dreams. They’ll tell you the way they learned to push themselves more than they ever thought they could. They’ll tell you the way their dreams became attainable through sheer mental effort and drive.

Jose Hawilla is an example of a Brazilian entrepreneur. He’s a bourgeois that centered on his dreams till they appeared, and they have become reality. He strove for what he wished, and he created it. Despite what obstacles he might have faced, he continued to push forward. His dream was to create cash from soccer. The doubters shunned him; however, he failed to care. Now, Jose Hawilla is the richest man in the urban center of Brazil. The empire that he has designed is amongst the foremost influential and powerful empires in Brazil. Jose Hawilla has built himself from the ground up, and he is not stopping.

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Online Luxury Consignment Shop The RealReal Declares 2018 The Year of Pop Ups

Consignment might seem like a somewhat antiquated business model at first sight but an online consignment company that is known as The RealReal is breathing new life into the model using the internet. The RealReal was started by Julie Wainright who began the business like so many other great entrepreneurs before her by working out of her house.

According to The RealReal*s website Julie Wainright was able to build her idea for a digital consignment company into a business that now employs more than 600 staff members. Julie Wainright currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of The RealReal and leads an executive team that consists of ten other executives.

One of the perks of The RealReal is that it allows consumers who appreciate the workmanship and quality that is often found in luxury clothing items to be able to find luxury items including dresses, jackets, shoes, purses and furniture that they can afford. The RealReal sells luxury brands that include but are not limited to Gucci, Dianne Von Furstenberg, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch and Dolce and Gabbana. Potential customers who are interested in adding new art to the walls of their homes would likely be interested in knowing that The RealReal also sells fine art including paintings, abstract art and photographs.

While much of the brick-and-mortar retail industry appears to be struggling especially in light of the dominance of global e-commerce giant Amazon, The RealReal is managing to succeed on its terms by augmenting its offerings with in-person shopping experiences offline that are known as pop-ups. According to the media industry publication Digiday The RealReal plans on relying on pop-ups in order to drive its business objectives during 2018. Alison Sommer, The RealReal’s director of marketing, detailed the company’s strategy at an industry conference.

According to Sommer The RealReal plans on focusing on developing more pop-up events as a method of solidifying its reputation with consumers. According to Digiday, having pop up shops have proven to be a successful business strategy for The RealReal in the past. The company held a pop-up store in New York City that brought in millions of dollars in sales. The company’s focus on pop-up stores will likely prove to be an innovative strategy where a digital company can capitalize on offering a premium shopping experience in a temporary physical store while traditional physical stores seem to be struggling to adapt to a digital marketplace.

Mark Mofid’s Mission

Dr. Mark Mofid’s La Jolla, California practice offers his patients both surgical and non-surgical enhancements as well as dermatological services. His mission is to provide his patients with personalized care utilizing the most up-to-date advances in the industry. In addition to his La Jolla practice, Dr. Mofid also has a satellite office in the Chula Vista area.

As a Harvard and John Hopkins educated plastic surgeon, Mark Mofid is leading the way in the realm of safer and improved plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Mofid does not accept the status quo. If he sees a problem, he tackles it head-on. This was definitely the case as it pertains to the procedure of gluteal augmentation-butt implants. Gluteal augmentation has been infamous over the years as implants tended to look unnatural and would sag over time. Mark Mofid aimed to improve the procedure by enhancing the look and integrity of the implant. This improvement would, in turn, make the procedure safer and more satisfying for his patients.

The improvement took years of intense study and analysis while working with experts within the industry. Gluteal augmentation is performed over 20 times more often in Brazil than in the US making it the perfect place for Dr. Mofid to pull knowledge regarding the procedure. His work with industry leaders from Brazil directly aided Dr. Mofid’s ability to design a superior gluteal implant.

As he stated in his interview with Medical Spa MD, “The best form of advertising is to do good work.” He fully demonstrated this sentiment with his developments as he refused to accept a flawed procedure. While striving to uphold his mission to his patients, Dr. Mofid was able to create an improvement that will impact not only patients that visit the offices of Mark Mofid but also to plastic surgery patients across the country.



Shervin Pishevar Blew Up Twitter

Every now and then, someone says something so profound on Twitter that the social media platform blows up with responses. This is what happened when Shervin Pishevar started tweeting a while ago. The founder of An investing firm decided to sound out about his thoughts on the economy.

Why did it matter?

One of the main reasons that Twitter blew up as a result of what Shervin Pishevar tweeted was due to him being silent on the platform leading up to the number of tweets. He hadn’t gone on Twitter in months. Then, he decided to shock everyone by sending 50 tweets out in less than 24 hours.

Shervin Pishevar had the foresight to number all of the tweets, too. This made it easier for people to follow along as he talked about everything from the stock market to monopolies in the United States.

Why do people care?

Everything that Shervin Pishevar said in the tweets carried weight for one person or another. He talked about the stock market and how it would start to lose points. He talked about bitcoin losing value. He also talked about the monopolies of the United States and how it would impact a large number of startups that were hoping to become the next innovative startup.

Much of what Shervin Pishevar said has already started to show as fact. Countless business blogs have picked up his tweets and have started to dissect his thoughts.

When someone like Shervin Pishevar decides to talk about the economy and startups, people listen. He has made his fortune by being able to predict how the economy will respond to new startups.

While Shervin has admitted to not having all of the answers, his observations are spot on. Many people are already taking precautions in order to protect themselves. He has also opened up a significant amount of dialogue amongst other investors as well as entrepreneurs.



Futurist, Entrpreneur & Philanthropist Dr. Mark Mckenna

Have you ever heard of a guy named Mark McKenna? If you haven’t heard, then just know that this guy is doing his part to better mankind. Dr. Mark McKenna is a natural-born leader to a certain degree because he has taken his own destiny into his hands. Dr. Mark McKenna is a prominent doctor from the city of New Orleans. He has been the owner of multiple successful businesses such as Uptown Title Inc., Universal Mortgage Lending and McKenna Venture Investments. McKenna Venture Investments helped to put McKenna on the map in a sense. Even though he was already a successful doctor, being a part of the real estate industry sent him to another level.

This man is one of the most ambitious persons on the planet. While in medical school, McKenna started buying real estate. At the time, providing physicals for inmates was his money-maker. By saving 100 percent of the cash-flow, he used the capital to invest in the real estate market. Shortly after he graduated from medical school, he would go straight to work as a practicing medical doctor. Yes, Dr. Mark McKenna worked along side of his father who just so happened to be a medical doctor. He worked at his father’s practice for five years, but he had other plans in the works. By investing in properties, Dr. Mark McKenna was generating large amounts of income of over $500,000 a year.

ShapeMed was one of his best businesses because he actually lived a healthy lifestyle. This medical-aesthetic practice was located in Atlanta, and it offered a plethora of services such as hormonal therapy, weigh-loss management treatments, Botox, Juvederm and more. The company became so successful to where it was listed at “Black Diamond” status. Dr. Mark Mckkenna would soon sell the company for an undisclosed amount, which resulted in him launching an updated version of shapeMed that is known as OVME.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etw4xXAYNbcDr. Mark Mckenna

Meet Graham Edwards, the Beacon of Prosperity at Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards is the icon of success at Telereal Trillium. He has grown the firm over the years to be the leading property developer and manager in the UK. Telereal Trillium’s headquarters are in London, with other offices in every major city and town around the UK.

The firm that began as Talisman Global Asset Management has evolved to Telereal Trillium. Under Graham Edwards’ guidance, the firm has strategically partnered and acquired other companies that have propelled it on its growth path.

Much of the growth has been because of these strategic partnerships and acquisitions of companies that added value to the company’s portfolio.

Graham Edwards’ expertise in property development and management has increased with the leadership positions he has held in various companies. Today, Graham Edwards is the CEO of Telereal Trillium, a position he has held since 2001 when he founded his first property management and investment firm.

A graduate of economics from Cambridge University, Graham Edwards began his career as a firm manager at Merrill Lynch Investment Management. In 1988, he became the chief investment officer of Talisman Global Assets Management.

He also served as the head of finance of the property department of British Telecom Holdings. His role at BT positioned him for a partnership in 2001 between BT and two other firms, his firm Telereal and Land Securities Trillium (https://relationshipscience.com/graham-edwards-p5032126).

British Telecom Holdings entered into a thirty years partnership with the firms. The close to $3.29 billion transaction saw William Edwards firm acquire over six thousand five hundred properties from BT. The property covers over 59.2 million square feet.

Having proved to be a skilled leader with great expertise to share, Graham Edwards is called upon to serve in other leadership positions outside his company, too. He also dedicates part of his wealth and time to various charitable organizations.



Louis Chenevert Incredible Achievements in UTC

Louis Chenevert is a renowned Canadian businessman. Chenevert served as the chief executive officer and the chairman of United Technologies Corporation. He joined UTC in March 2006 where he served as the chief operating officer before being named as the CEO. Later in January 2010, he became the chairman of the board.

Louis left a legacy at UTC and various incredible achievements including investing in long-term goals, innovations and the stakeholders of the company. Back in 1999, Louis was the president of Pratt n Whittey, and during his tenure, he realized that the Pratt n Whitney engine would be something great in the future. When Louis became the CEO of UTC, he married the two organizations leading to the thriving of business in UTC. Louis saw the future potential of the company and invested over $10 billion in designing and developing a jet engine that has a positive impact in the industry. The jet engine reduces fuel consumption by 16 percent and emissions by 50 percent making it a total success in business fields. Today the jet is flown by over 14 airlines on over 70 aircraft.

Louis Chenevert and his passion to invest in technologies was the primary key to driving future growth in UTC. His vision and dream is now the driving force in supporting the U.S economy and helps in the production of U.S manufacturing jobs. His goal in intermarrying the two companies created a platform that promotes the growth of future innovations and also provides jobs and creates new positions for the next generation talents. His dedication to the craft and innovative thinking are the major instruments in helping UTC became a global organization with several investments across the world. Thanks to Louis, the company now invests in markets offering competitive advantages.

Louis was born in Quebec Canada. He holds a degree in production management from HEC Montreal. He served in various positions in the different organization including General Motors, a Canadian corporation, pratt n Whitney before joining United Technology Corporation. In 2009 Louis received the prestigious honors Awards presented by the National Building Museum. In 2011 HEC Montreal also awarded him with an honorary doctorate. Aviation week and space Technology Magazine also named him as the ‘person of the year.’