Stream Energy is Not Just a Normal Energy Company

Stream Energy is an interesting company, as it began in 2004 by word of mouth. The company has built itself quite the reputation over the years, and is now a multi-million-dollar energy corporation. Stream Energy supports both electrical and gas energy sources, and supplies its clients with reliable forms of energy technology. Unlike other energy companies, Stream Energy is not just a utility company, you can purchase different types services from them. If you look on their main website you will notice that Stream Energy also allows people to buy cell phones, as well as service from them in order to use those cell phones at home ( This gives them the exact same promise as companies such as Frontier, who offer multi levels of support both with cell phones and other devices as well. Another incredible feature is the ability to talk to a doctor with any medical concerns that you have. Stream Energy has a service known as stream virtual MD, which allows you to connect through your tablet or other WiFi device at any time in order to ask a certified practitioner of medicine any questions that you might have when it comes to your personal health.

Stream Energy is an exciting company, and not just because of the different products that it supports. Its flexibility is only overshadowed by its brilliance. The company literally did not market itself except through word-of-mouth, which means that it was completely reliant on the testimonies of the people that used their services. While most companies would think this a foolish way to spread knowledge of a corporation, Stream Energy saw it as a way to really get close to people. In the real world rapport is built through communication, one-on-one communication to be exact, and in doing so they earned the trust of their would-be customers. There is no doubt this company will continue to grow, and in doing so will offer amazing levels of customer support to those that choose to use them as not only an energy company, but an advanced technology company as well.


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