NetPicks Helps Traders Make Sense of the Forex Market

One day owning a forex trading account may be as universal as checking accounts are today. However, before that can come to pass people will need to be educated. I dare say that most people today do not even know what forex is. That is where NetPicks comes in. Founded by, expert trader, Mark Soberman in 1996, the company’s mission is to work with people who desire to trade professionally as a business or part-time for a side income.

The internet has democratized the financial markets. All that is required today is a computer and internet access before you can trade forex. First, you will need to learn the difference between a “bid” and an “ask” price. Not to mention what a pip is. Once you are clear on those basic concepts, you can then move on to things like fundamental and technical analysis; the essence of being able to read a price chart. Also, you will be able to appreciate the way news impacts the currency market.  Check for guiding tips.

When Mr. Soberman’s Irving, Texas-based NetPicks works with clients, the idea is to give them a complete introduction to the world of currency trading. Mr. Soberman has packaged 25 years of trading experience into a straightforward video-based course. Observers have referred to it as the gold standard of forex training courses. Helpful article here.

Most traders, even experienced ones, have a negative expectancy in their trading. That is to say, the system they are using is not profitable. NetPicks teaches traders to become proficient at using indicators correctly to read forex price charts making use of the same methods used by industry professionals who trade profitably for top hedge funds, banks, and insurance companies every day. See also

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New traders get to work with coaches while completing the program. The material is concise and takes days, not months to complete. Anyone can open a forex account, but that would be like jumping behind the wheel of a brand new sports car without ever taking a driving lesson first. NetPicks will allow you to hit the ground running. More importantly, the course holds the vital information that will preserve your account by preventing you from crashing. More on options trading here.

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