InnovaCare Soaring High with the Skilled Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health is one reputable organization in the provision of managed healthcare services all around North America. As such, InnovaCare Health, Inc. seeks to bring about significant changes in healthcare management in addressing the challenges facing the diversity of the healthcare sector. InnovaCare Health has successfully managed to offer quality healthcare services with the help of sustainable models that are cost-effective as well as by the modern technologies. The goal is a success through Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage as the essential care avenues.

The highly regarded Dr. Richard Shinto is the present President and Main Executive Officer at InnovaCare. Before his debut at InnovaCare, he was working at AVETA Inc. as the CEO. Moreover, he served in clinical healthcare provision for more than twenty years. In addition to that, Dr. Shinto once worked in California as the CMO at NAMM. Interestingly, there are a series of articles on health care and clinical medicine that Richard has written. Visit Bloomberg to see more.

As part of his career journey, Richard studied at California University, Irvine where he successfully acquired a Science Bachelor. Further, he attained a degree in medicine from the New York’s State University in Stony Brook. Additionally, he possesses an MBA from the Redlands University.

Furthermore, the InnovaCare President and CEO won the Access to Caring Award during an annual Tribute to the Caring celebration at the Western University of Health Sciences. He is very dedicated and committed to the provision of quality healthcare services to the poor.

On the other hand, Penelope Kokkinides is the able Head Administration Officer at InnovaCare Health, Inc. Penelope became part of InnovaCare Health in 2015, and she has quite a significant experience in health care programs funded by the government. Besides, she has diverse knowledge and skills in designing clinical programs as well as healthcare operations management. Before taking up her current position, Penelope served as the InnovaCare’s Chief Operating Officer and the Head of Clinical Operations. Check out for more.

Penelope has dramatically specialized skills in the field of organizational infrastructure seeking to improve health care services. She worked as the Executive Vice President and the Centerlight HealthCare’s Chief Executive Officer before joining InnovaCare Health, Inc. Kokkinides was into the management strategies for healthcare operations as well as leading the institution in the right direction. Nonetheless, she served as the Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health and the Americhoice’s Corporate Deputy Chair.

Kokkinides has a solid educational background whereby she achieved various educational qualifications. Among them is the Binghamton University Honors in Classical Languages and Biological Sciences. Besides, Penelope is a graduate of the New York University with a social work master’s degree. She is additionally knowledgeable on alcohol and substance abuse from the same university. Moreover, Penelope holds a public health master’s degree from a Columbian University.

Therefore, both Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are best suitable for their positions at InnovaCare Health, Inc. It is no doubt that they will use their excellent skills in ensuring that InnovaCare achieves its goals and objectives in health care services.

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US Money Reserve

Vacationists and popular-event contributors have made their trips all-around the country throughout biannual to annual activities. And, many National providers have been responsible for these significant events, groups, and projects across the globe. That said, Westworld of Scottsdale is one of those top rated areas widely known for using its multi-purpose setting. While Westworld has been around for over three decades, it serves visitors, clients, and the Scottsdale Arizona community.

Obviously, Barrett-Jackson is a widely-known top seller and agent for exhibiting high valued automobiles. Barrett-Jackson provides the ideal enthusiast vehicles everywhere. You may locate its headquarter in Scottsdale, Arizona, but they also carry out car auctions in Las Vegas, Nevada, Connecticut and in Palm Beach, Florida. What’s more, the Scottsdale auction audience had the opportunity of viewing the McLaren P1 GTR which was presented by the gold market leader, U.S. Money Reserve. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Throughout this past January 21, U.S. Money Reserve united with Barrett-Jackson for the 47th yearly auction at Westworld. Money reserve served as sponsor and their team assembled within the central Salon.

The advantage of U.S. Money Reserve and Barrett-Jackson joining actions might have been more than favorable. At the same time, clients were looking towards acceptable prices on precious metals and great specials on low-cost cars.

Consider imagining a location as prominent as Westworld with more than 250,000 guests. Therefore, you could have both car and gold hobbyists equally wanting to know about the current benefit of having gold — not overlooking distinctive insurance for a collector’s car or truck.

Yes, Barrett-Jackson also supports appropriate enthusiast auto insurance for collectors’ automobiles and other prized items.

However, the US money reserve’s professionals are out there to offer facts to inquiries about silver, gold, and other precious metals.

Money Reserve dependably diversifies assets for thousands of clients across the United States. Indeed, the organization is well equipped in coin research and numismatic analysis. That is why; their customers can depend on the business’ knowledge in managing the range of currency — and even real precious metals, like U.S. gold and silver coins.

Money Reserve’s groundwork team is skilled in the market for helping diverse-metals individuals at any level. Nonetheless, the agency recommends its customers to experience the company’s latest and advanced website.

Furthermore, money reserve’s new site will enlighten potential buyers on preserving government issued bullion. Thus, the company’s root significance is about getting the trust of each one of its customers.

For circulating platinum, silver, gold and many other legitimate tender features across the country and overseas, money reserve’s pursuit is to go above and beyond with excellent customer support. Besides looking for information from the online business, you may locate U. S. Money Reserve in Austin, Texas.

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Graham Edwards Expertise on UK Real Estate

Graham Edwards has made major headway in the business industry thanks to his education and experience handling large sums of money (uk.linkedin). He has been the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium Ltd locates in London, England since 2001. Telereal Trillium is a commercial property management and investment company who has had many years of success with the skill of Graham Edwards.

Graham Edwards earned his degree in economics from the well know Cambridge University in England. Graham easily excelled in his studies and utilized this knowledge during his time with several influential companies. He has had a hand in asset management and has managed large companies such as the Department for Work and Pensions.

In England, being on certain boards indicates your expertise on a given field as well as your professional influence. Graham is on several boards and committees throughout England including the Association of Corporate Treasurers and the UK Society of Investment Professionals. In addition to these influential committees, Graham is also a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.


Business Negotiation

When it came to making an acquisition several years ago in 2004, Graham expertly led negotiations with Land Securities Group Plc. He was amazingly able to bring in billions through this deal. The huge feat earned him plenty of respect and accolades within his field. Graham understands the need to advance his education and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in International Relations. The degree will come from the well know King’s College London with a concentration in foreign affairs.

Graham has many different interests including real estate. It is easy to tell that he will have much success in this field as well as in his other pursuits of water and engineering. Mr. Edwards is also known for his philanthropic work throughout the country. His work has the power to inspire so many people looking for a way into the commercial property management and investment industry. There is an abundance of information on Graham and Telereal Trillium on the company website. Graham Edwards proves that education and hard work are essential tools for success.


Major Recognition for Graham Edwards of Telereal

Graham Edwards has been making a name for himself in the world of investing and property management for quite some time low. He has lending his expertise at several companies over the years and joined Telereal Trillium since the beginning of its birth in 2001. Since the beginning, Graham has earned the property management and investing companies billions in animal revenue.

There are several investing firms in England, yet Telereal Trillium is certainly one of the most successful. Graham received his degree in economics from the well respected Cambridge University located in England. He has worked with several property management and investing firms over the years and brought his knowledge and expertise to Telereal (

In 2009, Graham Edwards led the way in negotiations with the Land Securities Group Plc. With his knowledge, Graham was able to win Telereal Trillium billions of dollars. This was no easy feat and wouldn’t have worked for anyone other than this economics genius. His smart business moves helped to put Telereal on the map and helped bring Edward public attention.

Graham is definitely someone that promotes education and has enrolled back in school for a master’s degree in International Relations from King’s College London with a focus on the Middle East. It is a great choice to advance your education in the business field has things are always changing and it’s vital to stay up to date. In his spare time, Graham studies real estate, foreign affairs and engineering.

Graham is also a member of several boards across England including the UK Society of Investment Professionals. He is also a member of the Institute for Chartered Accountants thanks to his impeccable handling of property and assets. All those interested in learning more about the company can check out Telereal Trillium’s website.


Perry Mandera Unique Leader in Transportation and Charity

Perry Mandera was only 23 when he owned his first transportation company. He sold that company. Then only one year later he started The Custom Companies, Inc. This is a shipping, logistics and tranporation company. At the time there were five employees. Today that same company has a 500,000 square foot complex in Northlake, Illinois and employees 600 people. Perry Mandera grew his company with a wish, passion and drive to give logistics managers an alternative where all of their needs could be met in one place.

In addition to the Illinois locale The Custom Companies now also operates out of a 250,000 foot facility in Santa Fe Springs, California. As owner, Perry Mandera has led the company to sales that exceed 200 million dollars (Customcares).

Why Transportation? Perry Mandera’s interest began during his service in the United States Marine Corps Reserve where he drove truck for a motor pool. That is where he began to observe and learn the problems and needs of transportation managers. Today Perry Mandera offers his clients 24/7 satellite tracking, warehousing, distribution and both international and domestic forwarding freight services. His accomplishments have been recognized by the Illinois Trucking Association where he holds a spot on the list of the country’s top 100 transportation executives.


Awards and Recognitions

Other awards and accolades Perry Mandera has received include the Illinois State Crime Commission Citizen of the Year Award in 2011. Mr. Mandera is always seeking ways to give back to his community and that was recognized again in 2013 when he received the President’s Award from the Illinois Crime Commission. Perry Mandera is a Illinois Trucking Association Board member and Jessie White Foundation Board Member. He also received the Italian American Executives of Tranportation’s Executive of the Year award in 2000.

Perry Mandera is very well known for his philanthropic endeavors. He assisted with the establishment of “Two Soldiers and a Marine” food truck which is owned by disabled veterans. He contributes to The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation extensively. The Custom Companies provided more than 40 truckloads of needed items to victims of Hurricane Katrina. More recently, Perry Mandera provided relief through The Custom Companies for the California wildfires in 2017 in the way of transportation, food and supplies.


Perry Mandera and His Success as an Executive

ISCC and Law

Perry Madera is an executive with 30 years of expertise. He created the The Custom Companies, Inc. The Custom Companies is located in Illinois. He works with the ISCC (Illinois State Crime Commission). The ISCC credited him their Bishop Sheil Award and their Citizen of the Year Award. Both these awards were given in 2010 and 2011 (Crunchbase).

The ISCC works with law enforcement for reduce crime among the youth. They offer training in Chicago, tailored to local law officials. ISCC has dealt with the issue of gang violence. They want to have a positive impact on the relationship between law enforcement and the public.


More Details on Mandera

With Mandera’s assistance, ISCC and local law enforcement can flourish. Mandera holds a name of quality in the trucking industry. At the age of 23 he began his own business. He is an advantageous entrepreneur. In 1986, his goal was to offer trucking and freight services combined in one company. As of today, he is the president of the company and is very hands-on.

Mandera currently employee 350 people in Los Angeles and Chicago. Mandera strives for the absolute best quality in all aspects of his business. His company is in service 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

Mandera specializes in warehouse services as well. They offer sorting, labeling and routing. They have 33 distribution centers and 350 units in the United States. In conjunction with this, the company also has 3,000 carriers. All vehicles contain satellite tracking for precision and accuracy.

Perry Mandera also donates to the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation, Special Olympics and research for major diseases. Proceeding Hurricane Katrina, The Custom Companies donated food and supplies. Mandera started a non-profit company, Custom Cares Charities, for youth in need.

Mandera set out to become an entrepreneur and mogul. He accomplished both those aspiration. The Custom Companies INC is a well-known source worldwide, with Mandera as their leader.


EOS Does it Again! Crystal Lip Balm Review

Vegans rejoice! Vegans across the land can now share the comfort of soft, silky EOS, Evolution of Smooth, lips. No more will they have to walk through the checkout line of their favorite store and look at the awesome ergonomics of the EOS lip balm longingly.

EOS has expanded their popular line with a vegan friendly organic lip balm which has no animal byproducts. Not only has this new line enticed the masses of already loyal EOS customers, this ultramodern clear balm is able to be enjoyed by those who were unable to use EOS lip balm previously because of the beeswax used in manufacturing.

EOS, Evolution of Smooth, sprang into a market that desperately needed change almost a decade ago.  Check   Chapped lips everywhere only had a couple of options back then. Either we bought the small tubes of the widely used Chapstick (without much variety in flavor) who dominated the market, or we brushed our lips with a toothbrush and added some petroleum jelly for relief. EOS products flew off the shelves once consumers (mainly women)saw the pretty pastel round balls with a nice variety of flavors to choose from. Today the company is projected to bring in over 2 billion dollars a year by 2020.

EOS lip balm was created to make sure it withstood the test of time. They perfectly created a product that appeals to all 5 human senses. The container was created to feel good in your hand. The charming pastel colors demands our eyes attention. The yummy flavors keep our taste buds as well as our noses happy. And they didn’t leave out our sense of hearing. You know that “click” sound you hear when you close a tube of lip balm, or chapstick? Well that satisfying sound is not an accident.

The creators of EOS spent a lot of time and money to make sure that their products would be more than a passing phase. Knowing they needed to make a more passionate involvement with their consumers, they created the phrase, “The lip balm that makes you smile”(  And when a woman opens up her purse to find a variety of colorful little EOS lip balm balls to choose from, we definitely do smile.

Knowing that their products were unable to be enjoyed by the vegan population was reason enough for them to create the new Crystal Lip Balms. Coming in 2 flavors, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, these organic vegan lip balms run at $5.49 a piece on their website (


Growth In Home Prices Expected To Slow In 2018

Nick Vertucci is a well-known real estate investor who feels that the growth in home sales is going to slow down this year. He feels that many states are going to see these declines right away. The is a first because the past five years have seen a steady gain of home sales. Since 2012, the median sale of a home has gone up by almost 40 percent. Over the same amount of time, the median wage rate had also rose by around 12 percent as well.

Much of these changes since 2012 have been because of the improvement of the economy and consistent gains in the job market, says Mr. Vertucci. All of the changes have resulted in more demands for housing while there is not enough home builders to adequately satisfy that rise in demand. The housing starts were under a historic and long-term average of just around 1.5 million each year for more than a decade. However, in 2017, there were only 1.2 million new apartment units and homes built. This did, essentially, mark the best performance in new homes and apartments since the recession back in 2008.

Additionally, homeowners are starting to stay in their homes longer than they used to. The mismatch between supply and demand has lead to this happening, according to Nick Vertucci. He is a renowned expert in single family homes. He has many years experience and knowledge on home sales and how the economy affects the supply and demand of them. Before being a real estate investor, he had served as the CEO and President of Coastline Micro. The company was a leader in the industry that offered help to businesses with their computer systems. He now dedicates is life to helping veteran and novice real estate investors in real estate.

Many market changes are coming up this year in 2018. The positive changes will include some that come with the new tax reform. This is going to put an additional couple of thousand dollars in most average American’s pockets. This will greatly boost the economy and give it a push in the right direction. For some, that extra money can help with a down payment on a new home. The falling employment can help to bump up the growth of wages across the country. Also, the stock market is going to boom as it reflects the new tax law and adds extra cuts to the corporate tax rates.

There is a new high for the aggregate wealth of the entire country. The total wealth of all households across the country is rising by more than $2 trillion each and every quarter. It is with hope that many Americans are going to let some of that wealth flow into the purchase of property and home sales, says Vertucci.

On the other side of the spectrum, the new tax reform could also put some unfortunate constraints on home purchases. These new tax cuts are not like free lunch. The country’s debt is also expected to grow by another $1.5 trillion over the next ten years alone. This large amount of accumulated federal debt, on top of the monetary policy from the recent ten years, didn’t really affect the interest rates too much. The backdrop of the economy is extremely different this decade.

There happens to be another reason why many are opting out of buying a new home amid the new tax reform. There are less incentives these days to being a homeowner. When you used to purchase a home in the past, the full deductions of both property taxes and the mortgage interest were put into the purchase price of a home’s cost. Now, many people lose out on these deductions because they are forced to take the standard deduction instead of the itemized deductions when they file their taxes.

The Passionate Leadership of Graham Edwards in Telereal

Graham Edwards is the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium company. He studied economics at the Cambridge University in England. His major passions have been in management, real estates, software and mining, among others. Moreover, Graham Edwards joined the Kings College London, where he pursued a Masters of Art in International Relations, offered by the Department of War Studies, whose major attention is on the Middle East.

Over the years, Graham Edwards has acquired membership in various institutions and companies such as the Association of Corporate Treasurers, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals. Again, he has earned Fellowship with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Additionally, Graham Edwards is known for his philanthropic work through various associations and institutions such as the British Friends of the Hebrew University, One Voice Europe and Portland Trust.

In addition, Graham Edwards has been a leader negotiator in property acquisition therefore improving the Tereleal Trillium Company. His skills in negotiations has not only acquired the company many properties, but has also made it the leader in the market of outsourcing property and investments. Graham Edwards has been a team leader in many companies. Before joining the Telereal Trillium company, he worked at Talisman Global Asset Management as Chief Investment Officer, and at Merrill Lynch Investment Management as the Fund Manager.

The Telereal Trillium Company consists of over 300 employees and has its headquarters in London. They provide services such as managing of assets, management of facilities and capital programmes. Telereal Trillium also has professional board members who lead different department such as the corporate services, finance, projects and capital investment.

Furthermore, Telereal Trillium is involved in community services which include mentoring the society and improving their well-being. They have also helped in charity contributions to the community (Foundationforjewishheritage). Some of the community development projects include, the Tomorrow’s people family project and the mentoring program with St Mungo’s.


How Glen Wakeman Found Success In The Financial Industry

Over the course of his career Glen Wakeman has been in many roles. He has been a board member, small business owner, executive mentor, and financial services executive among other positions. He has lived in six different countries including in Asia, Europe, the United States, and in South America. For over two decades he worked as an executive for the financial services company GE Capital (

Today, Glen Wakeman works at a company he founded, LaunchPad Holdings. His company helps people with dreams of opening their own company come up with a solid business plan. Glen has used his professional experience to guide people through this process on a step by step basis. He operates a website that has been used by people across North America to start their own companies.

Earlier in his career, Glen Wakeman was the chief executive officer of GE Money Latin America. This started out as a startup and he led it into a corporation that had offices in nine countries. It also went from a skeleton crew to a company that employed around 17,000 people with annual revenues in excess of $2 billion. Among other roles he filled for GE Capital he was the chief operations officer of one of their international subsidiaries, Consolidated Financial Insurance Group in the United Kingdom, and at GE Money he was the director of business development.

Glen Wakeman attended the University of Chicago. He says that in order to help pay for college he worked during the summer months. The worst job he had was during this time when he worked at an auto parts factory. He was responsible for cleaning all of the bathrooms which he said was a filthy job. He did learn from this job, though, that all jobs are honorable and that whenever an opportunity presents itself you should take full advantage of it (Dailyforexreport).

After he earned his bachelor’s degree in economics he went on to attend the University of Chicago which is where he obtained his MBA. In his private life, Glen enjoys doing martial arts and has achieved the rank of Six Sigma Black Belt.