TechStyle Fashion Flourishing in e-commerce

TechStyle Company is a fashion Group that is led by co-Founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Its retail began in 2010 as JustFab and was the first to introduce membership subscription in the retail industry. The subscribers would get access to all promotions and products as well as discounts on all items. The company had more than six million subscribers by the end of two years and sold almost three million pairs of shoes. By the year 2016, the company had extended to eight countries including the UK and Germany, and it is then that it was rebranded as TechStyle.

Its co-Founder, Adam Goldenberg, started his online career at 13 by establishing a bulletin board that developed into Gamers Alliance website. He sold the site to Intermix four years later before it birthed MySpace. At only 19, Adam Goldenberg was Chief Operating Officer at Intermix making him the youngest in history to be a public company’s COO. He later left Intermix to establish Intelligent Beauty, e-commerce, which bore several firms including JustFab and DermStore.

Don Ressler is co-CEO with Adam. He is a pioneer in e-commerce and online space. Don was Founder and CEO which he sold to Intermix media in 1997. As CEO of, he had projects that enabled the company sells over 670 million dollars to News Corp. Don Ressler co-founded Alena Media and Hydroderm skincare brand ventures before TechStyle. Collectively, he raised more than 100 million altogether and realized more than a billion in sales. His interests are customer care, talent and company’s vision.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler were motivated to create TechStyle Fashion Group by their experience with online market. Adam grew up in a techno-savvy environment and was determined to benefit from the online business. TechStyle’s technology officer terms the co-founders as talented in building digitally native brands. The company was founded on technology and a principle of testing and improving their online business.

TechStyle has invested heavily in an online operating system that will ensure the business runs smoothly. They are e-commerce system, personal styling system, enterprise data management system and the supply chain and fulfillment system among others. Its 2017 projection is to earn 700 million dollars; the company has 2000 employees and 4.5 million members. This successful company is a venture-backed technology and fashion business that has had it’s a steady growth since it began.

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