EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm Review

I was in the market for a new lip balm the other day when I across EOS. Evolution Of Smooth, also known as EOS is a fairly new lip balm company that packages their lip balm in a container that looks like an egg. This is what initially caught my eye. (I am a sucker for cute packaging.) After I got past the super cute packaging, I was surprised by all the different flavors they offered! EOS must have known I was coming because I came across the sweet mint flavor. I am one of those people where I like mint lip balms, because why not soften your lips and freshen your breath at the same time.

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On top of not only having a large array of flavors, I was blown away by how much the balm actually made my lips feel smooth and soft. This is definitely a product I will purchase again and recommend. Great beauty hacks here on imabeautygeek.com. The sweet mint did not burn when I put it on my lips. There was no crazy cooling effect or anything like that. It was just a slight cooling, which is what you can expect from a mint flavor, but nothing too crazy that you would want to wipe it off or that it burns. This was an all-around good product and I have no complaints what so ever, view now! Keep it up EOS. If you keep turning out good products like this, everyone will be taken aback.

Watch and learn more here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


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