Mighty Fortress Church- Bringing Christ Closer

Minnesota has thousands of worship places that range from simple, modern and old Churches. However, the most amazing and beautiful churches have incredible architecture and rich history.

Cathedral of St. Paul
The Cathedral of St. Paul holds its beauty on top of Summit Hill, and it overlooks the St. Paul downtown. The church was built early 1900 and its hold its place in the United States as the third largest church. It has a magnificent structure that is modeled after Paris French churches and features classical themes and French Renaissance. The church has a central dome that is 186 feet high.

The Basilica of St Mary
The Minneapolis Basilica of St. Mary is a landmark built in early 1900. The church displays Beaux-Arts architecture and examples of Baroque. It has an incredible ornate inside that is wonderfully detailed. The basilica is known to host music festivals each summer known as Basilica Block party to aid in fundraising for local charities and structures.

Church of St. Mary
The church OF St. Mary is located Stearns County Melrose with an outside that has a classic beauty with Romanesque architecture and twin Steeples. Completed in 1899, and the inside has beautiful blue-painted ceilings with an ethereal sanctuary dome designed like stars. The church altar had detailed stained sidelines glass windows and imported from Germany.

First Unitarian Church
The beautiful little church in Duluth residential street and it’s the first church to have a Tudor-style. The Tudor style had stucco framework and locally black granite. Its’ unique architecture has a stained-glass window, foursquare turret and a blocky.

The atmosphere of Mighty Fortress Church is enjoyable and fun, and they encourage everyone to come and join them since we all play a part in the body of Christ.
The worship service of Mighty Fortress Church has excellent worship team, choir, and a band that helps to bring the presence of God into the worship atmosphere. They give each liberty to express their gratitude to God in their ways.

The Mighty Fortress Church gives Gods word that nurtures believer’s faith and leads them to victorious and prosperous lives.

Bishop T.R.Williams is the senior pastor and overseer of Mighty Fortress international. He has over 30 years experience servicing in various capacities in the church and a respected minister. He has ministerial graduate from the Rhema Bible Training Center located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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