Retirement Savings by David Giertz

Retirement Savings

Many individuals retire without acquiring the fundamental knowledge, skills and experience of the entire process. People with well-paying jobs, also, find it hard to save. Retirement entails a period, that people spend more money than they earn. Employees should, therefore, save enough money to use during this period.

Saving money in a personal account is one way of managing the retirement finances. However, workers should focus on other savings methods, such as investment. Mr. David Giertz argues that smart investment decisions depend on two major factors. These elements include, the investment project and the method of investment.

Using a brokerage account, to complement the savings account, enables employees to achieve financial stability. This promotes access to bond markets, currencies and stocks, where investors can buy and sell goods at a profit.

According to David, aging leads to multiple health problems. Retired couples also tend to use a lot of money in their projects. David Giertz approximated the amount to be around $275,000 per year. It is, therefore, crucial for every employee to understand the importance of saving.

About David Giertz

With over 30 years of experience in investment banking, David Giertz is the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors. In 2004, David led the institution’s banks channel. During his five-year reign, the business expanded from $1.5B to $8B.

David Giertz is a well-educated professional, who has sat and passed 4 examinations. He obtained an MBA from the University of Miami. He also acquired his BS from the University of Milikin. He has been working at the Nationwide Life Insurance firm since 3rd April 2013.

David has taken part in a number of community organizations, including a Board of Trustees. During his 9 -year tenure, he chaired the finance and budget committee. David joined Nationwide in 1999 and acted as a regional vice president. The Revenue increased by 48% in the Southeast territory, 7 states, during his leadership.

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