Lime Crime’s Newest Velvetine Scandal Is Making Headlines Everywhere

Lime Crime has released a new color for their Velvetines line. Lime Crime Velvetines are matte lipsticks that do not smear or get on stuff like other lipsticks due and they are also long lasting and all the shades are vibrant. The newest Velvetines shade is called Scandal. Scandal is a dark plum shade of the liquid to matte lipstick that shows sex appeal and drama. Scandal would look great paired with some bold black eyeliner according to CEO Doe Deere. It is already well known that they have many different cosmetic products of all different colors and types. Some of their other cosmetic products that would go well with the new Velvetines Scandal would be the metallic Velvetines Rasin Hell, perlees in the shades Asphalt and Charmed, Unicorn Hair Shades Sext and Aesthetic, The Venus palette, HI-LITE Blossoms, and Oyster pop on nails.

The wide range of colors and products makes it extremely easy to pair specific products with other ones when needed. Using a perlees shade of Asphalt or Charmed over your new Scandal Velvetines will give it that perfect amount of glitter you may be looking for if you aren’t one to wear straight matte colors on your lips. Scandal would also go great with any little black dress and would be the perfect lipstick for someone who is a boss that’s not afraid to rebel on the wild side a little bit. If you are interested in purchasing any of their products including their newest Velvetines Scandal be sure to check out their website. Scandal costs $20 MSRP on their website which is the same price as every other Velvetines shade.

Don’t be afraid to be bold like CEO Doe Deere by training her unique and wonderful cosmetics line that will make you pop amongst all of your friends and peers. When you purchase Scandal you are bound to be asked where you got your bold lip color from and you can happily say Lime Crime because when you buy their products all you want to do is share them with the world and show them off.

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