The Early Cassio Audi Music Years

Cassio Audi is doing what he has long desired to do in his role as a financial analyst. This is what he has been striving towards as he has managed to help many people with their investments down through the years. This is a great position for Cassio Audi to hold because he loves the business world, but people are starting to find out about Cassio in a different way.

People that like rock music are going to get a glimpse of the financial analyst that once a rock music band drummer. This seems like a very different path from the business world, but Cassio Audi was actually part of a group called Viper that actually received a 4-star rating 4 the first album that the group released.

Critics that have heard the album have praised this Viper release that was titled the “Soliders of the Sunrise” in 1989. People that have heard this rock metal sound have been elated by the music that was released. Cassio Audi did not actually stick around for a second album with this band, but he has remained in the spotlight when talk about this band comes into play. The reason for the mention of Cassio on such a regular basis has much to do with his songwriting ability. He had double duty when he was part of the Viper band because he was a songwriter and the drummer. His Facebook Profile.

There is yet another recording outside of the debut release that Cassio Audi appeared on. This was a demo set, and this is where most people realized exactly how well Cassio was able to do his job as a drummer. It has been more than two decades ago, but it appears that people are discovering the music that was created by Viper all over again.

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