Alfonso de Angoitia Founder of the Popular Mexican Media House Televisia

     The Mexico media offers a lot of information and news across the world. There are a lot of newspapers in Mexico, and the media industry is dominated by two media firms TV Azteca and Televisia. Internet and pay television services are common in Mexico with strong competition from the radio. The main channel of TV Azteca is channel 13, and that of Televisia is channel 2.


     The main shows on Mexican television are soap operas, news, sports, gossip shows, and reality shows. There are also some U.S programs presented in Spanish. Cultural content is presented by the government run channel 11 and 22 respectively. There are a lot of shows on the free broadcast channels, but many people still opt for pay TV.


     The Mexican radio stations offer talk shows, classical and pop music and news in Spanish and English languages with a couple of commercial breaks just like on television. Some of the radio stations offer their frequencies on live streaming.

Newspapers and Magazines

     The circulation of newspapers in Mexico is small as compared to other countries. Some of the popular newspapers in Mexico are; Reformat, La Tornado, El Universal, El Economista and the News. Just like newspapers, few people in Mexico read magazines. The magazines have interesting publications on trends and fashion. Some of the popular magazines in Mexico are Milena, Vertigo, Tiempo Libre, Letras Libres and Procesco.


     The main internet provider is Telmex which is the pioneer telephone company of the country. It offers Mexican high-speed internet known as Infinitum and has dial up services for those living in remote areas.

About Alfonso

     Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is the executive vice president of Grupo Televisa, S.A.B since May 2000. He is a member of the Executive Office of the Chairman of Grupo Televisa and the founding partner of the law firm Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, S.C. Alfonso de Angoitia has also served as the executive vice president of Finance and Administration as well as the secretary of the board of directors and financial officer of Group Televisa. He is a member of the board of directors for the American School Foundation.

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