Innovation in the Classroom with ClassDojo App

ClassDojo puts an end to students bringing home folders filled with huge amounts of class work and papers. It is an innovative app that allows teachers, parents and students to connect by sharing photos, videos and messages using any device such as an iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Chromebook or any computer.


At ClassDojo their mission is quite clear, they want to give teachers, parents and students incredible classrooms by connecting them together and working with them to bring the best ideas into their classrooms. They believe that by providing simple ways to empower and help parents, teachers and students, they are capable of creating an amazing classroom that best suits them. 90 percent of elementary schools in this U.S. actively use the ClassDojo app. With ClassDojo being translated in over 35 languages, it is able to be used in over 180 countries.


ClassDojo gives students the ability to share their work and everything that they are learning with their parents. They can personalize their portfolios by adding pictures and videos of their work. Parents are able to be more engaged with their children’s progress with instant updates from teachers through private messaging. Teachers and students are able to build on their classroom structure by sharing feedback on progress with each other. Teachers are also able to provide encouragement by using a point system that they can allocate to their students who make good choices or do positive things.


ClassDojo has a solid privacy policy in which they take great measures and care into making sure all information is kept private. They vow to never sell your information while working with leading privacy experts during every step of their product development.

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