OSI Group’s Place At Provisioner Online

OSI Food Group is up in the list of top meat processors and suppliers, including Provisioner Online’s Top 100 Processor’s where they ranked at number 10 in 2016. The list of operations they specialize in ranges from slaughtering, curing, processing, preparing and includes both livestock and seafood.

OSI has about 50 processing plants with 10 in the US and the other 40 located in 17 different countries. It makes billions in sales and has formed partnerships with supermarket chains and restaurants, and all products are marketed through local agents who know the demographics and needs of customers.

OSI Group has been a privately-owned company ever since its beginnings over 100 years ago. It was originally known as Otto & Sons, a company that started with one butcher shop in Chicago that Otto Kolschowsky’s family ran. That butcher shop was built into a meat wholesale company in less than 10 years, and by 1928 it was known as Otto & Sons. In the 1950s the Kolschowsky sons made a famous deal with Ray Kroc, the man credited with turning McDonalds into a national phenomenon to become its meat supplier. It was Sheldon Lavin who became CEO of Otto & Sons about 20 years later when the company started looking into international investments to keep up with the demand for McDonalds Products. The 1980s expansion led to the renaming of Otto & Sons to OSI Group.

OSI Group cares most about its people and saving jobs as opposed to simply buying out companies only to layoff workers. Lavin has sought to maintain the company’s reputation as having a family-oriented atmosphere, and throughout the years many employees have reported high job satisfaction with the company. And safety is certainly not on the backburner at OSI Group. Their ability to maintain top safety practices and minimize injuries in all their plants has earned them recognitions such as the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour award given to OSI just last year.

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Why The U.S. Reserve Is Actually Money In The Bank

We’ve heard of the term, “Money in the bank.” When used, it’s both figurative and literal. But how you use it depends on you. As for the U.S. agency known as the U.S. Money Reserve, the phrase we just mentioned can go both ways. But let us tell you why and first and foremost. The literal statement will be covered first.

PR Newswire believes that the U.S Money Reserve is a U.S. agency that offers financial incentives and also seeks out those incentives for itself. By offering investments to individuals seeking a diverse portfolio, the U.S. Money Reserve creates what’s known as government-backed investments. These investments are what we all consider as a literal condition of money in the bank.

The reason being is that the government who issues these types of investments are the security that investors have. So for example, let’s say an investor buys 15 ounces of gold bullion from this U.S. agency. The likelihood of the same agency buying back that investment is exactly 100 percent.

The reason being is that the U.S. Money Reserve only makes investments in options that never lose value. They therefore stand to benefit in any circumstance by either buying or selling their holdings. Which brings us to the figurative use of, “Money in the bank.” Because any option for the U.S. agency is positive, their speculation costs nothing.

Whether sure of a specific choice or not, the particular standing of the U.S. Money Reserve means that it’s going to make money in the end. But this isn’t what is most surprising about what the firm has done recently. With Phillip N. Diehl leading the agency, a new website has reportedly taken the agency out of “the stone age” and brought in a new era of profit. …

As simple as this development may sound, the implications are that people from all over the world have access to what they didn’t before. You can say that this new feature to the agency is a win-win option unlikely to fail. So far, Mr. Diehl also stands by these claims. Search, and you’ll find that the stats have also.

Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-encourages-visitors-to-explore-its-new-website-and-e-commerce-coin-catalogue-300225181.html

Life Line Screening-A Health Boost to the Society

Life Line Screening center is a private prevention and wellness company based in Austin, Texas. The company was founded in 1993. It is a top supplier of health screenings for preventive measures in the community to identify early health risks such as heart attacks, stroke, carotid artery disease and certain types of cancer on adults in over 100 cities in United States of America. Identifying diseases related to vascular early can lead to their prevention.

Types of Preventive Health Screenings

There are 3 types of preventive health screenings which includes; ultrasound screenings, finger-stick blood screenings and limited electrocardiograph. Ultrasound is a painless and non-invasive type of screening that involves the process where sound waves with high frequency are transmitted to the intended area in the body, recording the echo produced. Ultrasound Screening includes abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, carotid artery disease screening, bone mineral density screening and ankle-brachial index screening. Finger-stick blood screening, on the other hand, is applied in the identification of diabetes and heart diseases through screening of blood from the pricked finger. Finally, limited electrocardiograph is used in detecting a trial fibrillation [irregular heartbeat], which escalates stroke risks.

Dr. Manganaro, Chief Medical Officer’s Approach on Life Line Screening

According to Dr. Manganaro, the chief medical officer and national medical director of Life Line Screening, the company has screened more than 8 million people. He explains that individuals suitable and capable of cardiovascular attacks are identified by use of set procedures. Life Line screening uses robust campaigns to make known the benefits of screening and the modern technology screening techniques in preventive health.

Scientific Advancement

 Life Line Screening works in collaboration with the University of California within San Francisco, New York University School of Medicine, and Oxford University in the United Kingdom to further research and provide insights to the medical community. Dr. Manganaro affirms that Life Line Screening has made it easy in the prevention of catastrophic condition that could have emanated from ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms diseases, since it has helped in early detection of the disease. In accordance with the rising health risks, Dr. Manganaro says that Life Line Screening is continually dedicated to identifying and preventing diseases to individuals who are at risk as well as unceasingly contributing towards scientific literature.



Tammy Mazzocco: Invest in Ohio Real Estate

If you are a seller in the real estate market in Ohio, then it is a good time for you. Although the real estate industry has grown significantly in the recent past, Ohio has become one of the best places to invest in. The home value in this city has increased, and investors are rushing to purchase anything they can find. At the moment, a home or a condo will sell at two hundred thousand dollars on average.

Apart from the significant rise in the home value in this state, one of the national homebuilders has announced to investors that he has great plans to construct over two hundred and forty homes in Ohio in the coming year. This special announcement means that there will be a rise in the home values in the future. Real estate experts say that the new trend is expected to go on for a while in the future. These experts say that several factors have contributed to this rise.

Tammy Mazzocco is one of the real experts in the United States, and she believes that investing in Ohio real estate market is the best thing an investor can do at the moment. Tammy Mazzocco has been in the industry for a long time, and she understands the department too well. Tammy started her career by working as a secretary in several real estate companies.

In a report by Philly Purge, in the year 1999, Tammy Mazzocco chose to become a seller in the real estate business because this was a great financial opportunity. She partnered with a friend, Judy Gang from REMAX Ohio. The great partnership led to the success she enjoys today in the industry. Judy Gang has remained to be a mentor and a close friend to Tammy over the years, providing the guidance needed to navigate in the competitive world.

How E-governe Is Changing The Industrial And Social Sectors In Brazil

With the support of Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI) in collaboration with organizations such as Sisteplan, Consult, and Minauro, e-governe has changed lives. E-governe is a government initiative that is dedicated to helping the citizens of Brazil by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of services in the industrial and social sectors of the country. ICI was established in 1998 and is managed by the Curitiba government. The e-governe systems are increasing the satisfaction of the services offered by the government by improving the quality of support they provide to the public. The system has joined hands with several government branches and municipalities in the country with the aim of performing their services more efficiently in addition to enhancing transparency in their daily operations.


E-governe program has a simple and convenient design that allows agile, simple and intuitive navigation across various search engines, and it is also responsive to mobile devices. They have skilled and friendly customer care support located in all area of public management, and their data center provides maximum security to public information. They also offer hosting, processing, storage and control services using their advanced computer technologies.


By implementing systems that are modern and modular, e-governe ensures integration between various government departments. These systems are developed by the ICI initiative to make sure that staffs have access to the best technology as they carry out various projects.


In the education sector, e-governe systems help by ensuring the integrity, uniqueness, and security of information and by making sure that management reports are available in real-time. Moreover, the systems also allow access to the internet, generate and avail shared reports that reduce and minimize rework, and ensures agility besides meeting demands of various subjects.


E-gorvene has many benefits in the healthcare sector. The systems provide a functional schedule scheme that helps control the flow of patients from other divisions thus reducing the delay in service delivery and associated patient queues. Healthcare organization can regionalize attendance and efficiently manage financial transfers with e-governe systems. E-governe Saude controls all specialized consultations and medical examinations. It also assists in procuring medicine from manufacturers and application of vaccines. Notably, the e-governe program has benefited the health sector by improving the management of healthcare financial resources, performing hospital and bed controls, and also governing ambulatory services.


In addition to education and health sectors, e-governe has offered solutions in other areas including better tax collection, supervision, trading floor, financial management, attendance, human resources, patrimony, and more. These systems are improving the performance of public systems, and they ensure better data, improved management, and enriched administration. The e-governe systems are useful in data analysis, discovering critical parameters, and in strategic planning.


Various municipalities have integrated the e-governe program, including Sao Paulo regions, Osasco, and Teresina. Healthcare and education sectors are among the industries that have implemented e-governe system widely. Due to the many advantages of e-governe systems, other government divisions and agencies are adopting them to improve the nature of services to citizens and to enhance their operations. ICI is dedicated to training officials from various cities to speed up the implantation of the e-governe program. https://www.facebook.com/pages/E-Governe/325368564267182


Why Spinal Procedures are the Most Common Orthopedic Procedures Today

Millions face back problems every year, ranging from low back strain, to muscle spasms and even scoliosis. Those who suffer from back pain will seek out some suggestions from their primary care physician, but ultimately, those who ask for help will be referred to an orthopedic. Once patients are referred to an orthopedic, they are likely to have x-rays or an MRI to find out where the root of the pain lies. Once diagnostics appear, the following procedures may be performed.

An epidural steroid injection may take place, and the purpose is to reduce inflammation, as well as to make a patient more comfortable while they do physical therapy to continue to reduce inflammation and increase mobility.

Secondly, nerve blocks are often performed alongside these epidural steroid injections, and that is because they can block the pain signals. Oftentimes, sciatic nerve blocks are at the top of the list, mainly because of the rate of low back strain complaints and nerve root compression.

Thirdly, radiofrequency or heat lesioning is also common for those with sciatic nerve pain. When the pain originates from the facet joints, the doctor can create a lesion on the nerve with heat to stop pain signals. This is equated to burning nerve endings, and can last anywhere from a few months to a few years.

Dr. Greg Finch is one of the foremost orthopedic surgeons in Australia today. Greg Finch has joined the Sunshine Coast Spine Hospital to practice orthopedic medicine. His education was completed at the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. Greg Finch has joined the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, where surgeons often choose laser over other methods. Greg Finch has now become one of the leading surgeons of the spine, and also focuses on trauma cases, as well as pediatric spine problems and trauma as well.

Going Frenzy with the Richard Mishaan Designs

Architect Richard Mishaan has the blessed hands in drawing and jolting down an idea. His pieces of art and designs have been used to decorate and break the monotony in residential premises, show houses, hospitality industry and in making furniture. He enjoys making design and does the work enthusiastically and passionately.


He recently held a dinner at the Margaux, Marlton hotel to celebrate his work. He believes in changing rooms with art that moves you by bringing life to it. According to Richard Mishaan Design, it is an expression of which we are and what our eyes would like to see. Lisa Pevaroff Cohn, his friend, and a primary client share the same school of thought as that of Richard Mishaan. She says, he may give your room the best aesthetics, yet you own it not him. His work is impeccable, enriched with a variety of flavors and sleek taste to give you pleasure on site.


Richard Mishaan Design has made him receive some courteous calls at his workshop from fellow designers and architects such as William Waldron, Maurice Bernstein, and Anita Sarsidi. His friends who are his fans and clients such as Nicole Miller, Dennis Basso among others have helped him grow. Margaret Russell notes that Richard Mishaan is extremely smart, innovative, creative and passionate too.


About Richard Mishaan

Richard Mishaan Design was established by Richard Mishaan some 25 years ago to provide artistic interiors in real estate properties. His flawless designs have given him a chance to work with several celebrity clients around the world. Mishaan has made a cut for the Digest’s AD 100 lists consecutively for years now. The AD’s Editor-in-Chief, Margaret Russell celebrated the talent in him. Richard Mishaan is affiliated with five licensing categories. He is the author of “Modern Luxury” and the “Artfully Modern” with the publications made by the Monacelli Press.

Lime Crime Cosmetics: A Make-up Revolution

Lime Crime is a relatively new make-up brand that is revolutionizing the cosmetics industry. The brand is known for its wild, neon-bright colors and smudge-resistant, easy-to-use products made from vegan ingredients and never tested on animals. One of the things that make the cosmetics in this line different is they are designed to help people stand out. This is a dramatic change when most of its competitors attempt to help people wear make-up to blend in. This hot new brand is all about creative self-expression and making a loud, unmistakable statement. That has helped it to grab the attention of a growing number of people that love to have fun.

Founded in 2008 by entertainer and entrepreneur Doe Deere, Lime Crime is loud on purpose. Doe Deere created the make-up with colors loud and vibrant enough to be seen across the room. When she was a rock & roll artist, she couldn’t find make-up bright enough to make her stand out on stage. So she started creating her own make-up by hand. With Doe Deere’s bubbly personality and her genius for internet marketing, the brand was an instant success. She tapped into a market made up of people of all ages and from all over the planet that had long been looking for brightly colored make-up to make their own statement.

The brand offers lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, rouge, blush, nail polish and hair dyes in colors so bright it makes the sun wear sunglasses. Plus the 48 colors have unique, evocative names that are a statement in themselves. They include Roswell, Faded, Beetle, Shroom, Third Eye, Denim, Asphalt, Penny, Mirage, Charmed, Champagne, Varsity, Bomber, Choker, Hoodie, Soft Spot, Pom Pom, Fishnet, Lace-Up, Cashmere, Wicked, Eclipse, and many others. They come in metallic and matte and are bold, opaque and recklessly loaded with pigment.

Lime Crime is revolutionary make-up in a world dominated by cosmetics in staid, boring tones and a very limited color palette. When you are ready to let you inner unicorn run free in all its unique, wild, colorful glory, this is the brand of make-up you need. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/brands/lime-crime

Kabbalah Has Many Teachings

Kabbalah has been around for many centuries and is the belief that we can find deeper meaning and a spiritual connection that will allow us to find meaning out of life. It is believed that the more who study Kabbalah, the more likely it is that more connections can be made. Kabbalah teaches that there is a lot of importance to the after life but earthy life is not that important. Kabbalah also teaches that we should embrace our earthy desires but within moderation. It is acceptable to indulge, but overindulgence should be avoided. Kabbalah also teaches that our clothing can even have meaning and that we can express ourselves through what ewe wear. Clothes are a part of the very first impression you will make on people and you should carefully consider what you will put on your body. Kabbalah also teaches you should immerse yourself in kindness so that you can be a positive force on others.

The Kabbalah Center was founded in 1984 by Philip Berg and is a non-profit organization that is trenching course on the teachings of Zohar and Kabbalistic beliefs. The courses are available online, through its many regional centers, and from global study groups. Karen and Philip Berg work with many ethnic cultures in order to teach their beliefs and is helping to guide their student population.

The Kabbalah Center is involved in many charitable s=efforts, including humanitarian and financial aid to people afflicted by natural and human made disasters. The help those afflicted by poverty and gender inequality and the center has helped victims of Hurricane Katrina, the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The enter gas also partnered with the Red Cross as well as other well-meaning organizations in order to help those in need of assistance.

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The Lip Balm for Every Season

The EOS Lip Balm is a unique modern chapstick, with a flavor for every season and every person. In a world of chemicals harming every product, the “Evolution of Smooth” differs with a USDA Organic stamp of approval, 100% natural ingredients, and being paraben, petroleum, gluten free. All things that add to the unique egg-shaped lip balm. Each season of the year has a flavor that would bite. Whether that is a summer with EOS’s Summer Fruit or a spring with EOS’s Sweet Mint. EOS’s Pomegranate Raspberry is ready for every day of the year, alongside other top lip balm flavors.

Check this article for more, http://www.frenchtribune.com/teneur/25365-eos-lip-balm-secret-mastering-french-girl-beauty.

Some of the key ingredients the EOS company uses in their iconic lip balms are Jojoba seed oil and organic beeswax. These animal and eco-friendly products have five stars on Amazon, check their site at amazon.de, and are raved about on many other internet sites.

The product comes at an affordable price for the 0.25 ounces of product that fits in the smooth sphere-like shape. Check more EOS products here on well.ca.

EOS lip balm is ideal for anyone that would like multiple flavor options of a long-lasting lip product, ready for any time of the year to keep your lips from drying out. Having EOS be an earth conscious choice is an added positive factor of this product and company.

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