The Best Advice That Igor Cornelsen Can Give

Long before Igor Cornelsen started Bainbridge Investments he was leading the way in various positions as an investment banker in banks in Brazil. He would retire in 2010, but he would remain active in the investment world. He moved to South Florida and he started his own company to show people about investing in a way that they may have never thought of.


Igor has brought something to the table called damaged stocks. He believes that there are people that get lost in the shuffle and invest in damaged companies, but he believes that there should be a greater focus on damaged stocks. A lot of people may have never heard either of these phrases come up but Igor is aware that there is a difference.


When it comes to damaged companies there really is not a lot that can be done. These companies are going downhill and they are going downhill fast. People that make investments in these companies that are slowly floating away will find themselves losing a lot of money. What Igor would recommend, however, is to not overlook a company that has damaged stocks. This is a company that may have some hard times ahead because there may be decline in a certain product that a company sells. There may be a little bad publicity associated with a certain product or service. Overall, however, these are companies that can regain composure with the help of a CEO or marketing team. These companies may have a down period that will damage the stock at one point in time, but these are companies that can bounce back.


This is good information for investors that are trying to diversify their portfolio with new investment opportunities. Lots of investors will have mutual funds, annuities and index funds as a part of their portfolios already. Everyone may not be aware of damaged stocks so it is interesting information to consider. Igor Cornelsen has been in the investment world long enough to know that this is a viable option for anyone that may be trying to get stocks at a cheaper price.


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