Chris Burch Speaks On Technology And Fashion

Chris Burch is an investor both in the technology and fashion industries. Over the years, both sectors have undergone phenomenal changes and Chris sat for an interview to give an overview of how fashion and technology have developed to complement each other. In the interview, Chris speaks of how over time, technology has become fashionable and how fashion has embraced technology and the factors that have been in play in this fascinating process.


Speaking about the past and the present, Chris notes that in terms of technology, the fashionable trend in the seventy’s was the boom box which excited a lot of people then. In the eighty’s it was made smaller and in the ninety’s, the Walkman was much smaller. Current music player gadgets such as the iPod are much smaller compared to their predecessors. Also, the correlation between technology and fashion has grown over this period with fashion designers using technology to create fashion statements that delight and deliver.


On what the future has in store for both the fashion and technology sectors, Chris is assured that the two will continue experiencing a synthesis. Fashion has for instance utilized the growth of technology use to give us protection. Fashion designers have designed a unique protection specifically for cyclists, the Airbag for Cyclists is worn around the neck and prevents cyclists from head injuries in case of an accident. Fashion designers have also adapted the use of recyclable material in the creation of their products. Chris is also ascertained his belief that technology and fashion will continue working together such that fashion will influence the adoption of technology and technology will continue influencing fashion trends.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is the founder and current head of Burch Creative Capital. Burch is an active investor most notably in fashion and technology. The company which is based in New York deals with managing venture investments and also brand management.

The sixty-four-year-old who began his investment career when he was an undergraduate student back in the seventy’s also had investments in real estate. Burch was officially declared a billionaire in 2012.



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