Susan McGalla Outlines Tips For Women To Succeed In Business

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that has created a short outline for how woman can achieve greater success in business. Mrs. McGalla currently works at P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. This is a business consulting company that she founded. It provides consultation to entrepreneurs and executives at major companies on topics ranging from marketing, operations, staffing, management and branding.

Recently Susan McGalla spoke at conferences sponsored by the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and at the Conference for Chief Executive Officers that took place at Carnegie Mellon University. The following are some of the major points Susan McGalla makes in her conferences on how women can achieve success in business.

Her first point is that higher education leads to great success and more opportunities. Yes higher education is rapidly increasing in costs says Susan McGalla, but a good education is still worth any debt you may incur. She recommends you look at financial aid and scholarship options that are in line with your skills. Susan also says that you need to obtain business or other skills in order to make it in today’s skills based economy. Not having skills will limit your opportunities and employment prospects.  Check

The second point Susan McGalla advises to keep in mind is to have confidence in oneself. All too often, women get demoralized in the workplace due to management or bosses treating them differently or not valuing them as they should be. Create your own support network and do not let others bring you down. Being confident can help you to remain ambitious and strive to reach a top position. Susan says she sees too many lose their drive after working at a company for a short period of time. Being confident can change that.  More related articles on

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Susan McGalla’s last word of advice is to not pay attention to the glass ceiling. Just be the best you can be, and you should be promoted if you have the talent and skill set. If you focus on your potential and possibilities instead of your limitations you will be able to achieve much more. Having the right attitude can make a big difference in a career. More Articles on

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