Equities First Holdings, a Unique Lending Opportunity

Equities First Holdings provide an exceptional means for individuals and organizations to get cash when the need arises. The company gives a unique kind of loan referred as stock loan. With a stock loan, individuals or organizations get cash from Equities First utilizing their stocks as insurance for the loan. At the point when the terms of the loan are finished, the stocks are marked back over to their proprietors. Equities First generate cash by exchanging the stock and enhancing its position. Moreover, there is a charge of 3 to 5 percent for the loan. Even though there are other organizations that provide these kinds of loans, Equities First Holdings has enabled a strong reputation for such loans besides proving to be a trusted firm towards people and associations seeking for quick loans.

Who benefits from the loans?

There are different reasons people seek for loans. For those seeking to benefit from Equities First loans first need to have securities that are signed over as a guarantee. The insurance used to secure the advances are normally secured via Dow Jones stocks or through the counter. These loans are a decent option for individuals who might not have other alternatives of getting advances. Business people beginning up new firms can find these loans of great help when beginning and at a point they haven’t developed a strong business. The organization’s founder, Al Christy, Jr., provided his first stock advance to the farmer with low yields within a span of one year and could not have other alternatives for loans.

Things to Know

These kinds of loans are regulated and the Securities and Exchange Commission restricts the amounts of loans to 50% of someone’s stock value. More so, if the loans cannot be paid back, Equities First Holdings provides the alternative for borrowers of walking away and not paying the loan. Among others, that is one of the key features that has made Equities First Holdings unique unlike other lending organizations.

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