Rona Borre is the Success Story of the Century

The only way to top success is more success, and that is exactly what Rona Borre has done with her company, Instant Alliance. Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance which she started in a spare bedroom in her Chicago condo. She had just left a job with a global staffing company where she had reset every sales record the company had ever recorded.  Read more about Borre on

Borre wanted something different and she wanted to make a difference in the way staffing companies could help a business attract better people who would be productive and stay around for the big rewards when a company grows the way it should.

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Instant Alliance does a full job of screening its prospective hires, primarily finance and technological personnel. Client companies know that they will be getting only the top pre-qualified candidates. That is why there is only a 1% attrition rate with the candidates placed by Borre’s company. That retention rate is a direct result of the relationships that have been formed and the placement capabilities of Borre and her team.  Related article here.

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Hussain Sajwani Is An Accomplished Businessman

Hussain Sajwani chairman, CEO and founder of the DAMAC has accomplished a lot in his life. He received a Bachelor’s degree in economics and engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle and always promotes education as the foundation for success. Hussain started a catering venture that is now one of the largest in its industry. The business manages over 200 projects and serves 150,000 meals to people in CIS, Africa, and the Middle East. His flagship investment company, DICO Investments Co LLC. focuses on investing in acquisitions, mergers, and private equities, and holds minority and majority holdings in numerous publicly traded companies.

Hussain Sajwani also runs businesses that operate in the world of trading and one of these is Al Amana Building Materials. This Oman based business has represented many well-known people and a few of these are Grohe and Dorn Bracht, and Villeroy and Boch. Hussain also heads up Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. as its chairman. This tile manufacturer is the first of its kind and is one of only two in the nation. Listed on the Muscat Securities Market with a value of over US$ 110 million, Hussain Sajwani also is heavily involved with Al Jazeira Services. This venture has produced unbelievable results and has managed to stay on top despite shifting market conditions.

As head of the DAMAC group, Hussain Sajwani has led his company to be one of the top luxury developers in the world. The golf course communities that DAMAC offers to its high-end customers are one-of-a-kind and the golf courses inside each one of them are managed and maintained by no other than Donald Trump, himself. Hussain has worked closely and tirelessly with The Trump Organization and expects to continue to do so into the future.

Hussain Sajwani has also sat on numerous boards and some of these include the Emirates Takaful Company in Abu Dhabi, the Majan University College in Muscat Oman, and JUNO Online in New York. He lives his life out now with his wife and 4 children who he aspires to pass on his moral standards and high ethics to.

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What Makes Cotemar Unique From Other Companies

Cotemar is a Mexican company that is deeply involved in the mining and supply of natural gas and oil. It is a corporation that began its operations way back in 1979. In the more than thirty years that Cotemar has been operational, it has been able to expand its capacity in supporting offshore mining companies. To this end, these institutions have also been able to supply other countries beyond Mexico with gas and oil due to an increase in production.

Cotemar is a service company that offers support to offshore deep-water mining corporations. Services that Cotemar offers its clients include accommodation, room service, and catering. Also, this company has in its possession large water vessels that transport workers from oil and gas rigs to dry land. Therefore, Cotemar is a massive company in its right.

The success experienced by Cotemar has been as a result of the robust management system that runs this particular institution. Cotemar operates under many guiding principles that help streamline its operations. Integrity is one of the virtues that characterize this gracious organization. Having a firm leadership has guaranteed Cotemar’s success.

Also, Cotemar prides itself in providing services to its clients in quality, efficient and affordable manner. The company’s success has come about because this organization employs highly qualified workers who operate under conditions that are ideal for them. Efficiency results since the Cotemar brand is always keen to upgrade its machines with those made from the latest technology every time and again.

Working for Cotemar is more of a blessing than a curse, mainly because you have the opportunity to explore the seas. As a robust organization, Cotemar has clients all over the world in need of its excellent services. For this reason, you as an employee might be able to visit different countries. Something fun about this corporation is that it always pays its workers well for any service rendered. As soon as you get employed at Cotemar, your welfare automatically becomes the institution’s burden.

Employees at Cotemar are never overworked, not unless there is an emergency that needs their immediate attention. For people recently employed in this company, they are offered assistance by managers and supervisors and paid during training until they reach a stage where they can work independently. The overall working condition at Cotemar proves to be friendly to all employees. Therefore, Cotemar is an organization that loves its employees and what it does.

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Norman Pattiz: The Impact of Advertising on Podcasts

Advertising is key when one is trying to increase brand awareness. However, getting the right advertising platform is paramount. From radio, TV, magazines, banners to podcasts, you have to know how to get it right.

Podcast is one of the most effective platforms for creating and improving brand awareness. This is true according to a research that was done by Edison Research. During the research, Edison used PodcastOne and studied 5 of its major brands. This was the first research of its kind. The aim of it was to determine the lift for podcast advertisers. It would study the impact of podcast adverts on intention to purchase, brand recalls and recalls of specific messages.

The research found out that brand awareness significantly improved after advertising on podcasts. They study found out that 60% listeners of the podcast would mention a specific grocery brand. This was an increase from the 16% pre-study. Automobile products brand awareness was also surveyed and the results showed an increment in awareness after being featured on a podcast.

When the findings were released by Norman Pattiz, founder and executive chairman of the company, and Tom Webster, VP of Strategy at Edison Research, the duo seemed to be pleased with the results. Norman Pattiz stated that he had always desired to have an independent study done to prove that podcast advertising methods were well effective beyond traditional advertising methods. Webster also seemed to be pleased with the study’s outcome. He said that it was a great pleasure suing methodologies to show the effectiveness of podcasts advertising.

About PodcastOne

PodcastOne, formally known as Launchpad, is owned by Norman Pattiz. This podcast is a market leader, when it comes to advertising. Offering their partners over 400 million impressions, they guarantee them of great brand awareness. These impressions come from the over 200 shows produced and broadcasted by the network.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a prominent name in the broadcasting industry. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder of Westwood One, the largest media broadcasting company in the US. He also the founder of PodcastOne.

About Edison Research

Edison Research is a reputable research company in the podcast industry. Their main business is research and the provision of information to their clients. Some of their leading clients include Samsung, ABC, CNN, CBS radio and Yahoo- just to mention a few.

Evolution of Smooth: In Pursuit of Greatness

Lip balms are some of the most popular, convenient, and fun filled products on the market today and they have been for quite some time now. These small cylindrical tubes provides the user with instant relief to dry, chapped, or sore lips. They’re even great for using for those who suffer with cold sores. Unfortunately, many of these products never live up to their own hype and they’re full of harsh chemicals. These chemicals are sulfates and parabens. With long term use, products like this will actually cause the issues that the user is trying to get rid of in the first place.

Fortunately, it’s a new day and the lip balm market is reviving itself with a newer more organic approach. Evolution of Smooth is the name and healing sore lips is the game. This New York City based lip balm company uses some of the finest of ingredients such as Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and a boat load of Antioxidants in it’s products. These ingredients provides the user with hydration, which heals tired dry lips. Unlike the competitors of Chapstick and Burt’s Bees, EOS Lip balm has no parabens, sulfates, or other dangerous contaminants within it’s formulas. This is natural healing at it’s finest and the brand is setting newer and better trends than it’s predecessors. With over 1 Million units sold on a weekly basis, EOS lip balm has grown to become the best selling lip balm of today.

Flavors, flavors, and more flavors. This eclectic brand offers some unique flavors on Walmart and other stores, such as passion fruit, blackberry nectar, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, vanilla bean, and medicated tangerine. The benefits definitely outweigh the risks, but there aren’t any risks to begin with. Evolution has created a revolution of it’s own and it will only get better as time passes.


Defining Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding is a pioneer in stock-based lending. Its headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm provides stock-based financing solutions to individual and institutional clients. Customers are able to have quick liquidity access at low market rates with the use of traded shares as security due to straightforward and fast process offered by the enterprise. Equities First Holdings was established in 2002. It has been able to execute more than 1000 successful transactions for customers who range from high-net-worth individuals to global companies. The firm has also opened nine offices globally. Equities First Holdings offers alternative lending to their clients compared to the conventional way of lending.

The process of securing financing solutions at Equities First Holdings is fast, simple, and straightforward. The response time is 24 hours. Clients have flexibility with the loans offered by the firm. The company has been able to register massive success and growth in a number of markets including Australia, Southeast Asia, and Europe for the 15 years that it has been in operation. Equities First Holdings has been able to attract many new audiences since the company accepts shares as a form of collateral. The firm has been able to collaborate with longtime strategic partners such as top tier investment banks, custodian banks, and also top law firms locally and internationally. LinkedIn.

Equities First Holdings has created a top-notch staff to offer outstanding client service, investment management, and operations. The firm understands that each customer has unique needs. It offers them customized services. Public companies’ executives, individual investors, and business have been able to benefit from the loans from Equities First Holdings for either business investment or capital. Investors are able to unlock their stock value through acquiring liquidity at affordable terms with a transaction that is non-recourse due to the stock-based loans offered by Equities First.

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Mike Baur Co Founds Innovative Company

Mike Baur is one of the more well known business professionals in Switzerland. He is currently a successful entrepreneur who co founded a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. The company helps provide businesses with the guidance they need in order to reach their full potential. Before Baur looked to get involved in entrepreneurship, he invested in a number of startup companies which allowed him to earn high profits for ten years. When Mike first started his career, he worked for banks where he would consult with businesses and provide them with loans to finance their operations. With all of this experience, Mike has been able to establish himself as one of the more well rounded and knowledgeable business people in Switzerland.


Baur has used his years of experience in banking and investing to help start up his company. Swiss Startup Factory has adopted a business model that is similar to the way banks work with business customers. The company will evaluate business ideas presented by entrepreneurs and then decide on whether or not to help them. If Swiss Startup Factory chooses to help a business, they will provide it with guidance in the form of coaching and mentoring on a number of issues. With this assistance, a number of entrepreneurs will be in great position to make their companies more successful.


Since Mike is very experienced in investing, he is very well aware of the potential of startup companies. After receiving high returns and profits from investing in startup companies, Mike has realized that these companies have the potential to be very successful. Due to his years of experience analyzing startup businesses when investing in them, he knows what they need in order to maximize their profits and reach their various goals. With this in mind, Baur uses his expertise to help evaluate businesses and decide to help them.


After deciding to work with businesses, Mike Baur and his company Swiss Startup Factory begin to provide assistance to them. The first thing the company will do is provide advice on how to best manage its finances. This entails managing debt, obtaining debt and also keeping costs down and profits up. With advice on financial management, entrepreneurs will be able to stay afloat and keep their businesses intact.


Another way in which Swiss Startup Factory helps entrepreneurs is by helping them adopt more effective marketing methods. This will allow companies to find better ways to promote their products and services. As a result, they will get more customers and also be in position to increase revenues as well.



Women in Power- Dr. Jenifer Walden

Recently women have been holding top positions in various sectors include the medical industry. Jennifer Walden is one of the women who have portrayed positive leadership traits since she began her career in the pharmaceutical industry. Jennifer is a medical surgeon based in Austin Texas. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin Texas to a mother who was a nurse, and a dentist father. Her upbringing affected her choice of career. After her High School graduation at Anderson High School she went to take her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas. She later applied for a medical course at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and also Fellowship trained in cosmetic surgery. Walden has been working in New York as a plastic surgeon before she relocated back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. Walden has also worked at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She served on the New York City’s Upper East Side for more than seven years. At the Hospital Walden was responsible for the reintroduction of the silicone breast implants.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been very passionate about medicine and has also featured in several articles including Daily Mail where she was a spokeswoman where she was talking about labiaplasty surgery, and she has also been recognized as the best Plastic American Surgeon in America by the American Way. Dr. Walden serves as an aesthetic consultant in companies including; Venus concept, Ideal Implants, and Section.

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Jose Borghi Talks the Importance of Advertising

The most important need of any company nowadays is advertising. Consumers are no longer base their purchasing decisions on price and quality. In today’s world, consumers care more about brand recognition and that’s where advertising plays a role.

The world has become overflowing with businesses, both online websites and traditional physical stores. With so much competition, it’s nearly impossible for any company to thrive without exposure. The old technique of “word of mouth” no longer cuts it into today’s economy. Advertising is the lifeblood of every successful company to date.

Contrary to popular belief, advertising is complex. To properly advertise in a way that produces positive results requires a plan and way of executing that plan. Since the procedure isn’t as simple as it used to be, companies have begun turning to advertising agencies.

Advertising agencies understand everything that business leaders might not. These agencies often specialize in particular results. Since not every company is the same, not every solution can be solved with the same type of advertising. A good advertising agency has the ability to accomplish exposure for any of its clients.

Advertising is especially important for companies in countries like Brazil. And when it comes to advertising in Brazil, there’s no better agency than Mullen Lowe Brasil. Mullen Lowe has one of the most outstanding reputations in advertising. It holds one of the most illustrious client lists in the world. Mullen Lowe has also produced some of the world’s most memorable advertising.

The leader of Mullen Lowe Brasil is Jose Borghi. Borghi has been in advertising nearly his entire professional career. He is one of the great advertising innovators of the modern world. He has handled some of Mullen Lowe’s biggest projects. for more.

Equities First Holdings, a Unique Lending Opportunity

Equities First Holdings provide an exceptional means for individuals and organizations to get cash when the need arises. The company gives a unique kind of loan referred as stock loan. With a stock loan, individuals or organizations get cash from Equities First utilizing their stocks as insurance for the loan. At the point when the terms of the loan are finished, the stocks are marked back over to their proprietors. Equities First generate cash by exchanging the stock and enhancing its position. Moreover, there is a charge of 3 to 5 percent for the loan. Even though there are other organizations that provide these kinds of loans, Equities First Holdings has enabled a strong reputation for such loans besides proving to be a trusted firm towards people and associations seeking for quick loans.

Who benefits from the loans?

There are different reasons people seek for loans. For those seeking to benefit from Equities First loans first need to have securities that are signed over as a guarantee. The insurance used to secure the advances are normally secured via Dow Jones stocks or through the counter. These loans are a decent option for individuals who might not have other alternatives of getting advances. Business people beginning up new firms can find these loans of great help when beginning and at a point they haven’t developed a strong business. The organization’s founder, Al Christy, Jr., provided his first stock advance to the farmer with low yields within a span of one year and could not have other alternatives for loans.

Things to Know

These kinds of loans are regulated and the Securities and Exchange Commission restricts the amounts of loans to 50% of someone’s stock value. More so, if the loans cannot be paid back, Equities First Holdings provides the alternative for borrowers of walking away and not paying the loan. Among others, that is one of the key features that has made Equities First Holdings unique unlike other lending organizations. for more.