Highland Capital and the sharing vision

Highland Capital does not only focus on business, but they pay great attention to the human value of their venues. But when it comes to opportunity, they know what it takes for a company to develop. Even a trust consisting mainly of capital can be an opportunity to grow exponentially and be a basis for expansion. Not only are they expert investing advisors, but a go-to solution to many companies facing issues. In recent years, even governments and heads of state have entrusted them with their capital and accounts, to restructure their assets.



James Dondero, founder of the Dallas-based investment firm that manages $ 20 billion is certain that above all else, the company will continue to be a reference of responsible financing and smart solutions to capital management worldwide. But it is not only to their wealth that they live up to; every time a customer comes to them , they know they are a venture capital company focused on investments in the early stages of development of technology companies, where it will act as a partner in charge of looking for new investment promotion opportunities.


But not everything is about wealth. Highland Capital Partners are committed to giving back to the community, and they participate in different charities and social action projects, which include the Dallas Foundation and their very own charity projects, linked with the community and with the areas and spaces that their employees themselves occupy. For Highland Capital, what is important is welfare, because if the community is stable and growing, so will be the markets and investments, on a healthy scale up.



With more and more expanding markets, Highland Capital Management is growing, and it is beginning to expand its borders to what they believe will be the first milestone of becoming a global leader. And with professional expansion comes the commitment to do thing right and give back to the community what they deserve: From houses to healthy home-investing solutions, Highland Capital is more than a solution for large companies. They invest in emerging markets, promising companies, funds for education, and lasting impact on charities and foundations. When it comes to down-to-earth companies, Highland Capital is a reference of things being done right.


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