Top 3 EOS Lip Balms And Where To Buy Them

EOS is a very popular lip balm brand, that according to Fast Company, has outdid chapstick. EOS also offers a large variety of fun colors and flavors. Below are just 3 of the most popular flavors and where to find them.

Strawberry Sorbet

The strawberry sorbet lip balm is not only paraben free but it is also 100% all natural. It offers a smooth creamy texture that will leave lips feeling soft and moisturized all day long. The delicious and sweet strawberry flavor is the perfect touch. It is available in many drug store and pharmacies but it is also easily available online. Amazon offers a ton of strawberry sorbet EOS lip balms at a very reasonable price.

Medicated Tangerine

The medicated tangerine flavor is very unique because it has medicating properties. It can heal very dry and damaged lips. The light citrus tangerine flavor is both energizing as well as refreshing. The medicated tangerine flavor is available in many drug stores such as Walgreens. It is also available online. One of the best sites to find it is on eBay.

Summer Fruit

The summer fruit variety is a fun and flavorful EOS lip balm. It offers a mix of unique fruity flavors. It has a smooth and luxurious texture that helps heals and re-leave dry lips. It is available in many stores such as CVS and Walmart. It is also available on many online sites.

These are just three of the most popular EOS lip balm flavors. These are also a few of the places where they are available to purchase. They are also available on ( and in many other stores. They are a great product for all year round hydration.


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