Magnises Black Card Uplifts Millennials Living Standards

Magnises is a platform that is purposely meant for the young people. Magnises was founded by Billy McFarland and a few months after its inception; it had changed the perspective in which people see credit card rewards. Members of the Magnises club are issued with a Magnises black card that copies the details of a credit or debit card.  According to, the black card is not linked to any financial institution. However, it uses a magnetic strip that allows it to be used on behalf of the credit card.


According to its founder, Magnises is a networking club. People interested in widening their networking scope can enroll for membership. Networking encourages and brings community relation among these members. Members of the club use the platform to connect with each other and possibly meet individuals relevant to their development. Becoming a member of this club comes with an annual fee of 250 dollars.  Access from


The Club is bringing working millennials together and providing them with a platform whereby they can interact and share ideas. The team owns a clubhouse in Greenwich Avenue specifically for its members. The clubhouse is furnished, and cardholders can access the facility anytime. In the house, members can have meetings, drinks and entertain themselves by watching TVs. Check


Magnises club has entered into over 50 partnerships with the aim of improving the aspect of all the members’ lives. The partnerships range from private drivers, private gym instructors, hotels, bars, and night clubs among many others. Today, the club hosts member’s only events where the holders of the card are treated to chef series dinners, parties, and educational talks.


In 2016, Magnises unrolled the work-pass perk. The work-pass allows the members to rent co-working spaces for only 99 dollars instead of 500 dollars. McFarland said that the company was trying to upgrade the lives of millennials both professionally and socially. Additionally, they launched the club pass and hotel-pass. The perks allowed the members to access nightclubs and elegant hotels at subsidized rates respectively.  More articles on

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