Eric Pulier And How His Influence Has Shaped Entrepreneurship And Technology

Professionals from across the world work on achieving different goals and one of the areas that has received massive support from the world of business is technology. Many technology firms and experts appreciate the fact that this is an area that grows quickly and only those prepared to handle the challenges that come with working in such an environment can survive the turbulent tides. Interest and passion are necessary for one to survive in such a complex field. Eric Pulier is one of the professionals who have been in the world of entrepreneurship and technology. More Info.


Passion and pursuit

His passion for technology began many years ago when he was barely through with his fourth grade. He always wanted to become a computer expert so he could make programs that would help people implement different ideas. He is among professionals whose presence in the business world has been an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs. Eric Pulier continued learning and when he joined the Teaneck High School, he launched a database company. This step offered him additional motivation to further pursue his dream and become a successful entrepreneur.


His college education was completed at the Harvard University, where he pursued American Literature and English, and the MIT College, where he pursued Computer Science. While he continued with the courses, he was picked to contribute to a column in The Harvard Crimson while at the Harvard University. This was a magazine that offered weekly publications to the students and his column was called the Pulier Leg.


Career and achievements

In 1988, Eric Pulier completed his courses and proceeded to build his career. His first company was People Doing Things, which posted information about different happenings in several sectors of the government.


In 1999, he was part of the team that did the technology exhibition that was used to introduce the second inauguration of the government of Al Gore and Bush. This also marked the peak of his career and it is due to his prowess at arranging the presentations that many people were able to trust in his skills at future projects. He today ranks among the most successful technologists and entrepreneurs.

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