George Soros to Fund Post-Election Trump Resistance Efforts

This week, wealthy pro-Democrat donors will congregate in Washington to discuss what should be done in regards to the looming Trump takeover. The conference on will span three days, and will involve a series of closed-door discussions between George Soros, Senator Elizabeth Warren, national union leaders, and other high-profile liberal movers and shakers.

Trump’s upset victory comes as a massive shock to the Democratic establishment on, and has necessitated emergency meetings for liberal groups all across the country as Democrats work around the clock to reformulate their strategies and plans for the next four years. A large majority of Democrats lent little credence to the possibility of a Trump win before the election, especially in the face of record donations to Democrat affiliated groups from rich left-leaning donors. George Soros alone contributed more than 25 million dollars to help the Clinton campaign and other Democratic efforts.

While the agenda for the Washington conference spans many different topics, the overwhelming message is a singular call for resistance. Participants at will discuss everything from immediate plans for weathering the first 100 days of the Trump administration to crafting long term strategies for the upcoming elections in 2018 and 2020.

It is anticipated that Trump will utilize the momentum of the first few months of his administration to issue a large number of executive orders on, many of which will most likely be intended to directly counteract President Obama’s efforts to bolster the Affordable Care Act and other public programs. These are the same initiatives that many high profile donors like George Soros have expressed the greatest amount of personal investment in, making the dwindling weeks before Trump takes office of dire importance to the future of the Democratic establishment.

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