Securus Wants You To Know About Video Visitation

Securus Technologies is about to put a media blitz on. They are trying to share the benefits of video visitation within the prison system. Video visitation is exactly what it sounds like. The technology allows prisoners to virtually visit with their families through a video chat, and there’s a whole host of benefits that comes with this new technology.


If one of your loved ones ended up behind bars, you wouldn’t know exactly where they’d be sent to prison. Inmates often times find themselves serving time all the way across the state or the even the country from where they committed the crime. This geographical uncertainty makes it difficult for family members to visit the inmate. It’s no secret that most families with a loved one in prison come from a lower socioeconomic status. Many family members simply cannot afford to travel all the way across the state in order to visit a prisoner.


There is a lot of cost involved when it comes to visiting a prisoner that is far away. You have to make sure everybody in your family is available on the day of the visit. You have to load up the car, fill the gas tank and spend hours on the road. Family members may need to call out of work in order to join the visit. And prison visits may not be so kind for younger family members as they may feel intimidated.


Video visitation relieves all of these problems and it saves money for many families. All of the cost of the gas, and entire loss day, and the cost of meals on the road is consolidated into the incredibly fair cost of Securus video visitation. Since video visitation is virtually immediate, nobody has to lose a day visiting their family member in prison.


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