Eric Pulier: Business Mind, Hear of Gold

When it comes to doing great things for society the real true heros never seem to get the recognition they deserve. Some of the most popular people in the world are entertainers and professional athletes. These people are great at what they do in heir own rights, but unfortunately many of them never contribute to society in-general. I’m sure you personally know of someone who does good deeds, but never gets the credit. These situation are all too common and a guy by the name of Eric Pulier demonstrates this perfectly.

Eric Pulier is one of the most educated, talented, and ingenious person’s in today’s society. You may be asking yourself, how so? To simply put it, Pulier has done work in many different fields such as technology, healthcare, technology, and healthcare. He’s come up with some of the best solutions to fight the issues of these industries. Did you know that Eric Pulier had a hand in Bill Clinton’s 2nd Inauguration? That’s right! Pulier was specifically chosen to develop and operate the “The Bridge To The 21st Century” project. This multiple day event was broadcasted nationwide as many senators and congressmen attended this prominent event. Pulier also put together a showcase for the space shuttle. This event was very innovative at the time as Pulier used advanced technology that provided real-time situations/interactions with astronauts in the space shuttle. The world was finally taken notice of just how great this guy was and Pulier started receiving the credit that was long overdue.

Mr. Puliers business savvy mind has allowed him to take his business to the next level. He has raised funds for charities, donated funds to those in need, and has invested in numerous small projects that have went on to become a huge success. There just isn’t anything this man can’t do and is body of work is self evident. As of today, Eric Pulier is a loving father of four who is consistently changing the status quo with his ideas, technology, and determination.

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