Thor Halvorrsen and how Socialism Could Turn People Against the Poor

Growing up in the nation of Venezuela, Thor Halvorrsen is no stranger to the effects of socialism. As a relative of the first President of Venezuela, he comes from a historic family. Unfortunately, his life’s story does not serve as a glamor story for the merits of socialism. He saw both of his parents executed by the state. Still, even today, he has family members who are imprisoned. Eventually, though, Halvorrsen received a degree in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Now he leads the charge against this form of government, pointing out how it could negatively impact the future of the nation, especially the public perception of the poor.

It Discourages Charitable Endeavors

Donating to charity has always been seen as one of the highlights of the human spirit. There are people in the world who are less fortunate, have been addicted to drugs, have cancer, or are homeless. People love hearing stories about a kind-hearted individual who offered a sum of her money to help those who are struggling. Giving is a virtue. In fact, many cast holidays such as Christmas as holidays that are dedicating to giving to other people. It is better to give than to receive. But a socialistic regime would tell the people that it does not trust them to give. In fact, it undermines the entire concept of giving by taking their money away and giving it to others.

A Negative Perception of The Poor

People are typically envious of those who are in better circumstances than they. But this is typically not warranted, because those in better circumstances worked for it. In a socialistic government, though, the poor would be receiving more benefits than others. The poor would be the primary reason that everybody is taxed so heavily. This would cause the public to become angry with them. The proof of this is in the fact that people become angry today when the poor abuse the welfare system. The average person’s tax dollars are paying for their laziness. If the poor were the primary motivation and recipients of the government taking all or most of the people’s money, one can only imagine how the people would view them.

As an advocate of human rights, Thor Halvorrsen is sensitive to how the poor are treated. For Halvorrsen, fighting against socialism is a fight for the poor.

Chris Burch Combines Technology With Fashion

In September of this year, Chris Burch the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital wrote an interesting article about how technology can influence fashion. The boom box of the 70s is a good example, as they grew in popularity through the 80s, it was considered fashionable to be seen carrying one. During the 80s the Walkman played the same role, and today this concept is still being played out on the iPod. The iPod has become a fashion accessory; technology is advanced by what people consider fashionable.


The synthesis of technology and style is as popular today as it has ever been. Designers strive to create what sells, and they see further opportunities with the use of technology. A Dutch fashion designer well known for combining fashion with technology compares technology to a playground as a place to experiment, resulting in endless possibilities. As an example, Chris points to the combining of style and safety for firefighters as an example. Firefighters communicate through simple hand gestures by wearing Frontline Gloves; team members can inform one another about when it is safe to leave a building or if they should stay on the scene.


Designers are recycling materials such as bicycle inner tubes to make jackets and t-shirts. Movement can create energy; companies are working on shoes that can charge your cell phone when you are walking or running. Chris Burch observes fashion and technology are growing together, with technology leading into the ways of the future. The fashion and technology industries are learning together how to make the world a better place to live.


Chris Burch is an investor and entrepreneur well known for his vision of future opportunities, investing in companies that he thinks will have a lasting impact on consumer’s lives. During his almost forty year career as an investor, he has participated in the growth of over fifty companies. In 1976 while still an undergraduate student at Ithaca College he and his brother invested $2,000 to start Eagle’s Eye apparel and over the next decade the company grew to $140 million in sales with over fifty retail stores.


Born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania in 1953 Chris Burch now resides in Miami, Florida with his second wife, fashion designer Tory Robinson. Currently, he continues to apply his sense of marketing and sales to his many business interests, including real estate, financial services, hospitality, apparel, plus technology and consumer products. Because of his vision of things to come and his business prowess Chris Burch is a billionaire.


Should Posting Be a Crime? reports a bill that would protect consumers from being sued by a company if they write a bad review and post it online.

One of the powers of the internet is for people to freely express their opinion about products and services they use. This can be a big benefit for businesses or the downfall of their online reputation. These comments aren’t regulated and there is no requirement they be proven by the person posting the comment.

To prevent unwarranted attacks, some companies wrote “non-disparagement” clauses into their contracts. In essence, these clauses told people they could not post any disparaging comments or posts on the internet. If they did, they would be fined for the post. Some posts were made and people were billed, as you can imagine, lawsuits followed.

These clauses had a chilling effect on sites like OnlineReputationReviews, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Yahoo. These sites rely on people to give honest and unbiased reviews, both good and bad. If people thought they could become involved in litigation over posts, they might be less likely to express their opinion. Yelp was very supportive of the legislation. They even created a consumer alert letting people know they have a right to post their opinions. The Better Business Bureau, arguably the granddaddy of all review sites, prohibits the use of the clauses by members.

Consumer Review Freedom Act

In December of 2016, Congress passed the Consumer Review Freedom Act. This act, authored by Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, prevents companies from including non-disparagement clauses in their contracts. The act passed Congress and is on it’s way to President Obama’s desk. If signed, the bill will give power to the Federal Trade Commission and states to prevent companies from including the clauses in contracts and terms of service.


Securus Wants You To Know About Video Visitation

Securus Technologies is about to put a media blitz on. They are trying to share the benefits of video visitation within the prison system. Video visitation is exactly what it sounds like. The technology allows prisoners to virtually visit with their families through a video chat, and there’s a whole host of benefits that comes with this new technology.


If one of your loved ones ended up behind bars, you wouldn’t know exactly where they’d be sent to prison. Inmates often times find themselves serving time all the way across the state or the even the country from where they committed the crime. This geographical uncertainty makes it difficult for family members to visit the inmate. It’s no secret that most families with a loved one in prison come from a lower socioeconomic status. Many family members simply cannot afford to travel all the way across the state in order to visit a prisoner.


There is a lot of cost involved when it comes to visiting a prisoner that is far away. You have to make sure everybody in your family is available on the day of the visit. You have to load up the car, fill the gas tank and spend hours on the road. Family members may need to call out of work in order to join the visit. And prison visits may not be so kind for younger family members as they may feel intimidated.


Video visitation relieves all of these problems and it saves money for many families. All of the cost of the gas, and entire loss day, and the cost of meals on the road is consolidated into the incredibly fair cost of Securus video visitation. Since video visitation is virtually immediate, nobody has to lose a day visiting their family member in prison.


IAP Worldwide Services: Managing Innovative Logistics and Government Support for the Future

IAP:Ingenuity And Purpose for Worldwide Services
IAP Worldwide Services offers offering quality logistical services throughout the world. This innovative service provider facilitates the U.S. Government by enabling it to successfully carry out its many diverse missions and projects throughout the world, including planning and overseeing construction projects, facilities management, communications, logistics, and strategic planning.

IAP: Providing support functions for the government and government projects:
The functions that IAP Worldwide Services tackles for the government are support, infrastructure, and administrative activities. These reinforce the capacity of existing operations being conducted by the government and reinforce the various missions of ongoing government functions.

Diverse services make IAP support meaningful wherever it is present
The varies services on Facebook provided by IAP Worldwide Services and its capable management, always succeed in making available what is needed, from communications capability to electricity in the jungle…from fuel supplies to infrastructure and living quarters in the middle of nowhere. The ability of IAP to discern a need and then to meet it with ease makes partnering with IAP a necessary act when a job must be completed.

IAP expertise ensures that all remote teams are able to remain connected to the entire project, regardless of the locations or conditions of all team members.

IAP Worldwide Services can ensure remote communication and the provision of up to date safe housing while the work is performed. Proper working conditions and the safety of workers are a priority throughout IAP duties.

IAP is capable of providing promising innovations in infrastructure and logistics
Conclusions about the promising innovations in logistics coming from IAP are that IAP is making innovations which promise progress and support for key government matters. Government projects are planned using IAP resources and talent to maximize the use of IAP input and expertise to achieve the program goals being sought. Teamwork is highly valued as IAP focuses its strengths on providing the equipment and support services contemplated by the initial mission. Thorough coverage by IAP Worldwide Services personnel is provided to ensure that all communications and logistical matters are fully covered and put in place as specified. Excellent work accompanies completed objectives as IAP matters are professionally dealt with and implemented. IAP performs work for the government that the government can take pride in.

The personnel involved with IAP control valuable parts of government missions in remote, hard to reach locations. Their accurate maintenance of communications and logistics cannot easily be replaced.

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Eric Pulier: Business Mind, Hear of Gold

When it comes to doing great things for society the real true heros never seem to get the recognition they deserve. Some of the most popular people in the world are entertainers and professional athletes. These people are great at what they do in heir own rights, but unfortunately many of them never contribute to society in-general. I’m sure you personally know of someone who does good deeds, but never gets the credit. These situation are all too common and a guy by the name of Eric Pulier demonstrates this perfectly.

Eric Pulier is one of the most educated, talented, and ingenious person’s in today’s society. You may be asking yourself, how so? To simply put it, Pulier has done work in many different fields such as technology, healthcare, technology, and healthcare. He’s come up with some of the best solutions to fight the issues of these industries. Did you know that Eric Pulier had a hand in Bill Clinton’s 2nd Inauguration? That’s right! Pulier was specifically chosen to develop and operate the “The Bridge To The 21st Century” project. This multiple day event was broadcasted nationwide as many senators and congressmen attended this prominent event. Pulier also put together a showcase for the space shuttle. This event was very innovative at the time as Pulier used advanced technology that provided real-time situations/interactions with astronauts in the space shuttle. The world was finally taken notice of just how great this guy was and Pulier started receiving the credit that was long overdue.

Mr. Puliers business savvy mind has allowed him to take his business to the next level. He has raised funds for charities, donated funds to those in need, and has invested in numerous small projects that have went on to become a huge success. There just isn’t anything this man can’t do and is body of work is self evident. As of today, Eric Pulier is a loving father of four who is consistently changing the status quo with his ideas, technology, and determination.

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