Unprecedented Training Levels

In order to provide the highest level of customer service and technical care to dedicated clients a corporation needs to focus on meeting these needs by providing their personnel with adequate training methods. Securus Technologies, a well known information technology firm who calls Texas home is one such company that values such higher forms of education. In order to meet the needs or its high risk clientele Securus has recently released information that eleven of its most highly decorated field technicians have undergone and successfully completed the BICSI Installer 1 certification program, which labels them as elites in their field.

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BICSI Installer 1 certification focuses on increasing skill levels in a variety of areas such as video, audio, security, electronic and strangely enough, project management. These skills branch out from the normative training that Securus technicians progress through and assist in broadening specifications to new levels of implementation. These abilities help these professionals in performing their duties on the job, which are often located in high risk areas such as penal institutions and county jail houses. These locations can be used to explain the unique niche business that Securus Technologies focuses on; the untapped consumer base of the United States penal system.


Every consumer desires a level of interpersonal well being and comfort and inmates currently serving time in prison are the same way. In order to meet the communication needs of these individuals Securus has developed a plethora of interesting and useful technology, such as downloadable mobile applications that allows incarcerated individuals the ability to video chat with their loved ones. Such software and device management tools require constant care from trained professionals and, now thanks to the added certification through BICSI, Securus field technicians surpass the normal requirements and allow unheard of levels of customer satisfaction support.


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