Kabbalah Centre: Reaching Out to the World

Kabbalah is an ancient mystic branch of Judaism. Its fundamental belief is that ten aspects (sefirot) created and sustained the universe. The sefirot are graduated and have different, complex meanings. Two of the main ones have interchangeable meanings. It just depends on if if is seen from human or divine viewpoint.

Seven of these levels act directly on the world. They are the lowest sefirot. The higher sefirot represent higher realms of consciousness. Each one is associated with a character in Jewish scripture. Followers can understand these characters more by the sefirot connected with them. Conversely, they can understand each sefirot by studying its corresponding character. Here are the different sefirots recognized in Kabbalah Center:

• Crown (Keter): This is the Divine Will of God and the source of all good things. It has the power that corresponds with the human soul.

• Wisdom (Chochmah): Wisdom is knowledge in practice. It represents intuition. Wisdom is the power to distinguish and create.

• Understanding (Binah): Understanding is the tool of wisdom. It is the analytical power of the mind and logic.

• Knowledge (Da’at): Knowledge is the accumulation of everything that is known. It is the solidification of facts and conclusions.

• Loving Kindness (Chesed): This is the entire source of love. It always wants to expand itself. The character associated with Loving Kindness is Abraham.

• Strength (Gevurah): Strength is the power of concentration and restraint. It controls all of the inward emotions. The character associated with Strength is Isaac.

• Beauty (Tiferet): The sefirot of Beauty represents the balance of attraction and repulsion. It represents true beauty and harmony. The character associated with Beauty if Jacob.

• Victory (Netzach): Victory is the power of conquest over the enemy. It makes followers want to get things done. The character associated with Victory is Moses.

• Splendor (Hod): Hod represents perseverance. It is the essence of faith and importunity. It also represents humility. The character associated with Splendor is Aaron.

• Foundation (Yesod): This sefirot allows people to relate to each other. It builds bridges between two ideologies. It is the power of compromise. The character associated with Foundation is Joseph.

• Kingdom (Malkut) This is sovereignty and rights of the Divine Presence. The character associated with Kingdom is David.

One of the main ways people study Kabbalah Centre. The Kabbalah Centre International is located in Los Angeles, CA. It is a non-profit organization that gives its followers courses in the Zohar and other Kabbalistic teachings. It has online teachings and branches all over the world.

It was developed in the 1960s by Philip and Karen Berg. They are its spiritual directors. The Kabbalah Centre has an international staff that is ethnically diverse. They offer Kabbalah study to their international community of students. Many famous people are associated with following Kabbalah.


Kabbalah Center

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