How Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone Help International Families From New Zealand

Cone Marshall LTD is a well-known name in New Zealand. An established law firm with years of experience, they have helped many families and companies establish trusts, partnerships, companies, and other initiatives. Their experience and specialty is in matters that are related to international business and international financial matters. For example, they help international families and provide them with much-needed global wealth planning advice.

Cone Marshall also provides expert services to attorneys, trustees, advisors, and even privately owned banks. They help them with legal advice for their clients. Cone Marshall has also helped many people set up New Zealand trusts and much more.

Karen Marshall is one of the experts at Cone Marshall and is a strong factor to its success. Before she joined Cone Marshall, she worked in the litigation department for a large law firm in London, where she lived for ten years. Since 2005, she has contributed greatly to Cone Marshall, and Karen Marshall served as a principal at Cone Marshall since a year after she joined, in 2006.

Karen Marshall has an LLB from the University of Otago, which is located in New Zealand. At Cone Marshall LTD, she has also served as the director of a trust fund. Her official title in that capacity was that of Trustee. She has also advised trustees of charitable funds, and she has also represented them.

Karen has a lot of experience in managing trusts. She responds to requests that are made by settlers, writing up documentation to action needs and much more.

Another expert at Cone Marshall is Geoffrey Cone. He, like Karen Marshall, has also graduated from the University of Otago in New Zealand with LLB honors. Besides that, he also has a post graduate diploma in trust and tax law. He first starting working in Auckland, New Zealand in the year 1980. Afterward, he moved on to become the chairman of partners, as well as a partner himself, in a leading Christchurch law firm. There, he also was in private practice, working as an advisory in tax and trust work, as well as in commercial litigation. He eventually went on to move to the British West Indies, where he worked as a litigator for a total of two years. After he finished that, he moved back to New Zealand, went into practice in 1997, and started his own private practice firm in 1999.

Cone Marshall is the only firm in New Zealand that focuses only on international tax and trust advisory work. It is most trusted in the entire country.

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