Lime Crime Can Surprisingly Help with a More Natural Look

Lime Crime is famous for their untraditional makeup shades, but that is not the only crutch that they are able to hold onto. Some people do not appreciate zany shades of eyeshadows and lipsticks and do prefer a more natural look that will still allow them to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Though the company’s Riot red-brown lipstick and Utopia purple are gorgeous, the more natural audience will be pleased to know that countless nude and light shades complete the Lime Crime velvetine line. Celia Leslie compiled a video of all of the Lime Crime shades, which greatly helped in picking out my favorite nudes. If I were to be asked which shades I would wear to punctuate my natural look with the sweetest undertones, I would be disappointed to give up my Wicked red, but ecstatic to give one of these a try:


Much like your favorite expensive sweater, this is an innocent nude pink that has the slightest hint of brown. Pair this with some mascara, pink blush, and perhaps a flesh colored eyelid and you will be the belle of the office, classroom, or shopping mall.


Even if Cashmere is a bit too daring for your lifestyle, Buffy will be your lips’ best friend. This is an incredibly nude pink that just adds a nice evenness to lips without detracting from their natural color. I would wear this with some powder foundation to ensure that my natural look is as simple as possible.


If you want your lips to pop without wearing a green or blue, you should definitely invest in Bleached velvetine. Though this is much less orange than a ripe peach, it radiates the tenderness of that delectable fruit. Personally, I would wear this to work each day and it is versatile enough to jazz up the rest of the makeup just a tad. I would wear a light smokey eye courtesy of Lime Crime eyeshadow, which you can see in action on Tumblr, a medium orange blush, and some light liner and mascara with this tantalizing shade.   Make sure to keep up on Lime Crime news by following the Facebook feed.  Or you can also learn more from the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere,

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