George Soros Paying for Protests?

There is a huge amount of information out there regarding whom is responsible for and who is bank rolling the Black Lives Matter Movement, most recently George Soros has been the subject of these rumors. After protestors interrupted prominent politicians speeches such as Jeb Buch and Bernie Sanders the speculation started that Soros who is a well know Democrat was behind the protests specifically funding the movement with $33 million dollars at The rumors started amongst the right wing bloggers and conspiracy theorists however they quickly spilled over to the more mainstream channels such as Fox news.

One of Bill O’Rileys guests Kelly Riddell, who has previously speculated over the matter in a written article, claims the Black Lives Matter movement was started by three women who happen to work at the Soros charity foundation. As a result Riddell claims, Soros uses the Open Society Foundation to Funnell money to the movement. Riddell also claims the amount sent to the movement by George Soros within 1 year was a staggering $33 Million with the ultimate goal being to disrupt the Republican National Convention.

The Open Society Foundation has come out to squash these rumors. The Director of US Operations Foundation found it difficult to believe how a rumor so far off from the truth could even start.

In reality the Black Lives Matter Movement is far less organized and centralized then the right wing bloggers would have you believe. The original hash tag was meant to bring attention to the deaths of young black men including Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray.

However the Black Lives Matter movement is made of many different groups throughout various communities using different means including protest, so it would be very difficult to come up with a number such as $33 million.

The Open Society does however give money to many of the social causes that have been highlighted and brought into the spotlight by the BLM movement. However the foundation has been involved with these issues long before the birth of the BLM movement. The foundation has long been granting money to organizations that pursue more accountability from the government for years. For example the Center for Policing Equity has been a long standing Grantee of the foundation. In addition the foundation supports organizations fighting for civil rights around the world. The foundation was founded by George Soros in 1979 and since then has given over $13 Billion in grants to both organizations and individuals.

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