Attorney Geoff Cone Explains the Transparency in New Zealand’s Foreign Trust Regulations

Top-ranked attorney Geoff Cone recently published an article in the NZ Herald regarding the recent news about foreign trusts in New Zealand. Cone provides a detailed overview of some of the most significant developments in the foreign trust laws and regulations in New Zealand.

He makes clear that New Zealand has never been recognized as a tax haven for any kind of international business. In fact, New Zealand has built a strong reputation for having very transparent laws and regulations on the establishment and operation of international trusts. For example, New Zealand currently maintains over 20 information exchange agreements with countries all over the world regarding trusts. Because of the long track record of transparency and stability in New Zealand trusts, many businesses and individuals have been turning to New Zealand for the establishment of foreign trusts. These trusts are being established as part of an asset protection strategy as opposed to tax planning purposes.

In addition, the legal infrastructure in New Zealand has a solid reputation for being very secure and stable. Companies can trust that laws regarding the operation of their trusts will be upheld by New Zealand courts. Part of the reason that the reputation of the legal system in New Zealand has been so strong in recent years is based on the quality and professionalism of legal practitioners like Cone. There is a high degree of ethics and professionalism among practicing attorneys in New Zealand, which makes it a good choice for companies looking for a straightforward plan for asset protection and succession planning. Cone explains that companies can depend on a certain clarity in the legal process, which makes New Zealand a logical choice for establishing an international trust.

Cone is the owner and lead attorney at Cone Marshall Limited, a firm located in New Zealand that is widely recognized as one of the leaders in the field of international trust, estate and estate planning. In fact, Cone Marshall Limited has the distinction of being the only law firm in New Zealand to focus its practice exclusively in this field. Cone has decades of experience in advising clients on legal taxation issues and provides insightful leadership to the firm. He continues to advise some of the most prominent international companies on important tax issues and is widely consulted for his expertise on international commercial matters.

Cone is also committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism in his field and encourages other lawyers to keep the standard high across the board. He has a well-established reputation for being able to communicate effectively with clients and address their business and legal concerns in a very timely fashion. He is respected as a credible leader in this field.

Former Hawks Owners Wronged By Insurance Provider

Bruce Levenson (, Michael Gearson, and Ed Peskowitz are 3 friends who once co-owned the Atlanta Hawks. They used a company known as New Hampshire Insurance Company to provide the mandatory insurance that all staff of the Atlanta Hawks including coaches received. It was an extensive insurance policy that had clauses for workplace torts and wrongful termination in the event hat anything happened. Bruce Levenson and his friends slept easy at night believing that no matter what happened their insurance company would have their backs. They were wrong. When Bruce and company decided to sell the Atlanta Hawks in 2015 the insurance company did not do its part to cover all employees affected by the sale. Bruce and company were wrongfully forced to pay out of pocket which the insurance company should never allowed to happen.

The main issue comes from the termination of Atlanta Hawks former employee Danny Ferry. Ferry was the coach of the team and he was on a 6 year contract. However, as part of the sale he would not be permitted to remain with the team because Tony Ressler the new owner of the Hawks had other plans. So Ferry was informed that his contract was being terminated and he was provided with compensation totaling in the millions of loss for early termination. New Hampshire Insurance Company provided Ferry with a policy that covered “wrongful termination” and so they were obligated to pay his compensation package. They did not. Bruce Levenson and company were forced to pay out of pocket in orde to make the sale of the Hawks to go through in a timely manner. Now it is time for the insurance company to pay up. A case has been filed against them by Bruce in Fulton County Superior Court where hopefully a judge will decide to have them cover what they owe plus 50% in additional damages due to negligence on their part. For more info visit and the ESPN.


Brian Bonar’s Bellamy brings a new cuisine

Bellamy is home to one of the best foods in the entire Sand Diego region. Food here is served by top-notch staff and a qualified Master Chef, Ponsaty. Ponsaty is a Chef from France, he offers undivided attention to his cuisine. More importantly, the restaurant is a winner as the environment blends perfectly with the food it serves.

One thing you will appreciate once you eat at the Restaurant is that Frenchmen know how to prepare duck. This has been proven by Reidy and Ponsaty’s dishes; pan-seared magret which is served in a peach-onion marmalade. For dessert, it comes with a saffron panna cotta. It also comes with a madeleine, sugar dust and a warm with Orange Zest. Everything about the cuisine shows that it has been prepared in a beautifully and creatively.

For dinner and lunch, you have the choice of the table d’hôte or à la carte menu. These menus have inspiration drawn from the French tradition. They offer an array of dishes ranging from the Crab Salad to the most palatable classics like the Steak Tartare.

What you will never miss on the menu are staples such as the Sliced Entrecôte of Beef, Smoked Eel Mousse and the Fillets of Dover dishes. To sum it all up, there is a selection of large selection of flavored dessert that vary of from Marina’s Chocolate Cake to soft ice creams. Wine here is exclusively French and a strong inspiration from Burgundy, Bordeaux and the Rhone. All of these are accessible at the best prices.

Anyone that has dined here highly praises it for the excellent catering and fabulous food. The whole restaurant can handle any event professionally. You can be sure to enjoy spending time here as you and your friends will enjoy interacting with the staff.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is an executive whose passion lies in forming and leading teams that form and deliver collaborative solutions. He has always strived to build a client trust through every opportunity he gets. He has a strong attention to detail and a love for the design process; this is seen in several corporations he leads such as the Trucept incorporation and the Bellamy Restaurant. He has in the past brought forth his expertise in different fields to build large projects.

Throughout his career, Brian Bonar has developed a solid reputation for being a leader that is inspired to achieve the aspirations and goals of his clients. He has a portfolio that varies from educational projects, retail, commercial, multi-family housing and aviation.

CEO of Dalrada, Brian Bonar, has a diverse blend of skills and experiences which has create a favorable working environment with his colleagues. Brian Bonar is described in three simple words; effective, bold and empathetic.


Philanthropist Supports Uncommon Schools while Building His Hedge Fund Executive Search Company

New York City has thousands of entrepreneurs in every area of business, but what makes Keith Mann stand out from the rest is his heart for the next generation. Keith and his wife Keely have joined with Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn to help low-income students, along with growing his company, Dynamic Search Partners.

Mt. Mann is an expert in hedge fund compensation and hiring strategies that are needed in the premier executive search industry. DSP is now an international hedge fund and alternative investments company with offices in Europe, Asia, and Australia.
DSP was founded in NYC in 2000, and in 16 years has grown exponentially, and it is known to have the largest database in the U.S.

Over a decade ago, Mann led the financial community to accumulate $20,000 for Uncommon Schools in order to open a second school in Brooklyn. Mann held a fund-raising event in the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, and the fund was an overwhelming success. The school system had already opened schools in two other states, Massachusetts and New Jersey, and they too were expanding.

Keith Mann and his DSP partners donated $10,000 for the school to use in national testing. This gift supplied the funds for every student to take the AP and PSAT test for registration, and it, too, was a complete success.

As a generous philanthropist, in 2015, Keith and Keely started a college scholarship fund for the Uncommon School students in Brooklyn. Every year, the graduating students are able to apply for the $5,000 scholarship towards college.

In order to apply, each student must write a 1,000-word essay on how a college education would help their career. These are students who otherwise would not get the opportunity to go to college. This is a fantastic opportunity for these students, and Mann encourages other businessmen to do the same. Keith and Keely Mann see that the education of the next generation is vitally important to the United States, and they will continue to support Uncommon Schools as their niche in society.

How Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone Help International Families From New Zealand

Cone Marshall LTD is a well-known name in New Zealand. An established law firm with years of experience, they have helped many families and companies establish trusts, partnerships, companies, and other initiatives. Their experience and specialty is in matters that are related to international business and international financial matters. For example, they help international families and provide them with much-needed global wealth planning advice.

Cone Marshall also provides expert services to attorneys, trustees, advisors, and even privately owned banks. They help them with legal advice for their clients. Cone Marshall has also helped many people set up New Zealand trusts and much more.

Karen Marshall is one of the experts at Cone Marshall and is a strong factor to its success. Before she joined Cone Marshall, she worked in the litigation department for a large law firm in London, where she lived for ten years. Since 2005, she has contributed greatly to Cone Marshall, and Karen Marshall served as a principal at Cone Marshall since a year after she joined, in 2006.

Karen Marshall has an LLB from the University of Otago, which is located in New Zealand. At Cone Marshall LTD, she has also served as the director of a trust fund. Her official title in that capacity was that of Trustee. She has also advised trustees of charitable funds, and she has also represented them.

Karen has a lot of experience in managing trusts. She responds to requests that are made by settlers, writing up documentation to action needs and much more.

Another expert at Cone Marshall is Geoffrey Cone. He, like Karen Marshall, has also graduated from the University of Otago in New Zealand with LLB honors. Besides that, he also has a post graduate diploma in trust and tax law. He first starting working in Auckland, New Zealand in the year 1980. Afterward, he moved on to become the chairman of partners, as well as a partner himself, in a leading Christchurch law firm. There, he also was in private practice, working as an advisory in tax and trust work, as well as in commercial litigation. He eventually went on to move to the British West Indies, where he worked as a litigator for a total of two years. After he finished that, he moved back to New Zealand, went into practice in 1997, and started his own private practice firm in 1999.

Cone Marshall is the only firm in New Zealand that focuses only on international tax and trust advisory work. It is most trusted in the entire country.

Lime Crime Can Surprisingly Help with a More Natural Look

Lime Crime is famous for their untraditional makeup shades, but that is not the only crutch that they are able to hold onto. Some people do not appreciate zany shades of eyeshadows and lipsticks and do prefer a more natural look that will still allow them to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Though the company’s Riot red-brown lipstick and Utopia purple are gorgeous, the more natural audience will be pleased to know that countless nude and light shades complete the Lime Crime velvetine line. Celia Leslie compiled a video of all of the Lime Crime shades, which greatly helped in picking out my favorite nudes. If I were to be asked which shades I would wear to punctuate my natural look with the sweetest undertones, I would be disappointed to give up my Wicked red, but ecstatic to give one of these a try:


Much like your favorite expensive sweater, this is an innocent nude pink that has the slightest hint of brown. Pair this with some mascara, pink blush, and perhaps a flesh colored eyelid and you will be the belle of the office, classroom, or shopping mall.


Even if Cashmere is a bit too daring for your lifestyle, Buffy will be your lips’ best friend. This is an incredibly nude pink that just adds a nice evenness to lips without detracting from their natural color. I would wear this with some powder foundation to ensure that my natural look is as simple as possible.


If you want your lips to pop without wearing a green or blue, you should definitely invest in Bleached velvetine. Though this is much less orange than a ripe peach, it radiates the tenderness of that delectable fruit. Personally, I would wear this to work each day and it is versatile enough to jazz up the rest of the makeup just a tad. I would wear a light smokey eye courtesy of Lime Crime eyeshadow, which you can see in action on Tumblr, a medium orange blush, and some light liner and mascara with this tantalizing shade.   Make sure to keep up on Lime Crime news by following the Facebook feed.  Or you can also learn more from the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere,

George Soros Paying for Protests?

There is a huge amount of information out there regarding whom is responsible for and who is bank rolling the Black Lives Matter Movement, most recently George Soros has been the subject of these rumors. After protestors interrupted prominent politicians speeches such as Jeb Buch and Bernie Sanders the speculation started that Soros who is a well know Democrat was behind the protests specifically funding the movement with $33 million dollars at The rumors started amongst the right wing bloggers and conspiracy theorists however they quickly spilled over to the more mainstream channels such as Fox news.

One of Bill O’Rileys guests Kelly Riddell, who has previously speculated over the matter in a written article, claims the Black Lives Matter movement was started by three women who happen to work at the Soros charity foundation. As a result Riddell claims, Soros uses the Open Society Foundation to Funnell money to the movement. Riddell also claims the amount sent to the movement by George Soros within 1 year was a staggering $33 Million with the ultimate goal being to disrupt the Republican National Convention.

The Open Society Foundation has come out to squash these rumors. The Director of US Operations Foundation found it difficult to believe how a rumor so far off from the truth could even start.

In reality the Black Lives Matter Movement is far less organized and centralized then the right wing bloggers would have you believe. The original hash tag was meant to bring attention to the deaths of young black men including Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray.

However the Black Lives Matter movement is made of many different groups throughout various communities using different means including protest, so it would be very difficult to come up with a number such as $33 million.

The Open Society does however give money to many of the social causes that have been highlighted and brought into the spotlight by the BLM movement. However the foundation has been involved with these issues long before the birth of the BLM movement. The foundation has long been granting money to organizations that pursue more accountability from the government for years. For example the Center for Policing Equity has been a long standing Grantee of the foundation. In addition the foundation supports organizations fighting for civil rights around the world. The foundation was founded by George Soros in 1979 and since then has given over $13 Billion in grants to both organizations and individuals.

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