Learning in Schools Will Be Taking a New Approach with ClassDojo

The very famous Ed-tech company that has dominated today’s classroom, ClassDojo, has recently launched a new tool known as Class Stories. This new tool allows the students to upload images and videos very easily to their profiles and sharing them with their friends and families. According to a news release, ClassDojo is being modified to allow parents to follow on their child’s learning in real time. Moments captured might be a video of a poem recitation or a photo of a science experiment, whatever the event; children can upload these memorable learning experiences.
The application could not have a more easily usable interface as students can upload their content without even having either their login credentials or their own individual devices. All they have to do is scan their specific QR code and upload their content within minutes. By following the same procedure, students can also make comments and tag classmates with whom they undertook the project with.
Being all about giving the students a voice in the classroom, ClassDojo has achieved this with Student Stories and also allows students to take control of their learning. Having established that students’ brains are malleable, the application was set to create the impression of students about learning as a fun activity. By doing this, the students are more engaged and are able to take a lot from their teachers. Indeed, school workshops will be a thing of the past with the new improvements made with Student Stories.
Initially, when the application was launched, it was set up as classroom management platform. As improvements were continually being made, the application was made to encourage specific student behavior. Over the years the application has made interactions between teachers, students and their parents very easy. Through real-time messages, photo and video uploads, parents can easily follow up on the progress of their children in school. Behaviors that can be tracked with the application include persistence, hard work, commitment, curiosity, and creativity.
The application was launched in the summer of 2011, having been co-founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. After the duo moved to California from the United Kingdom, the company was successful in reaching one million students and teachers in only eighteen months. Seeing the potential in transforming the common classroom, the company received 1.6 million in funding from Ron Conway, Paul Graham, Jeff Clavier, Kapor Main, Lerer Ventures and General Catalysts. The company reported having registered 3 million users and 35 million students as users as of January 2015.


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