Don Ressler has always been passionate about fitness. The founder and Co-CEO of JustFab Inc. directed his love of fitness apparel into a multi-million business. Don was always an entrepreneur at heart, forming his first business, in 2001. Don Ressler has partnered with Adam Goldenberg on a couple of ventures over the years including JustFab, the E-commerce retailer Don is mainly known for nowadays. Don founded Fabletics because he thought that the athletics apparels in the industry were not fashion forward, and he decided to stir up the industry.

Don has made fitness clothes fashionable. It is now commonplace to see people wearing fitness wear outside gyms and when they are not training. The idea to make fitness clothes was fantastic and Fabletics is contributing roughly 30 of the 500 million dollars in revenue JustFab is generating. Fabletics takes pride in the fact that it is not only producing aesthetically pleasing clothes and shoes, but it is also providing performance worthy clothes as well. Don Ressler’s management is quite decentralized, and he has no problem asking for help if he needs it. He hired famous women’s clothes designer Yuchin Mao and worked with Kimora Lee Simmons in JustFab making her President and Creative Director.

Don Ressler has proved himself capable of raising capital when the need arises. In August of 2015, he raised about 85 million dollars in funding primarily from Passport Special Opportunity Fund. In 2011. He was able to acquire funding of about 33 million dollars from Matrix Partners. In April of 2012, he helped raised the second round of financing, securing $76 million from Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Crossover Ventures. The funds were well utilized for expansion purposes at it was very well timed due to a sudden wave of success.

Growing what was only a shoe company to an all-around clothing company with over 5,000 products takes exemplary leadership, to say the least. Don Ressler and his Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg have provided just that. In addition to being e-retailers, they have opened retail stores for more traditional shoppers who still value the shopping experience. Don Ressler understands the importance of good partnerships in business success, and his track record proves just that. Expansion into new markets can also be a treacherous journey, but Ressler and Goldenberg have navigated it expertly. JustFab now provides all types of men’s and women’s wear, and their growth trajectory has no signs of flattening anytime soon.


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