Easiest Path to Investment, For All Middle Class Investors

Bradley Reifler founded the Forefront Income Trust in a bid to cater to the middle-class people in the society. His motivation came from the desire to take into investment the funds that the ninety-nine percent of the population was willing to invest. Previously, the one percenters had the control of the market, since they are the only ones who could afford the wealth required for one to be an accredited investor. What then happens to the ninety-nine percent of the population?

The low regard for the non-accredited investors opened a window of opportunity for Bradley, who was also not pleased with the denial of his father-in-law to invest; had not attained the requirement. This pushed him to create a platform where anyone who had invested at least, $ 401,000 in Fore front products to invest a minimum of $ 2,500. Further, the trust would not be able to make any money from the investors, if the investors have not attained at least 8% benefit from their investment.

The move by the company attracted a many investors, since the company, doesn’t want to prosper from using people funds, but rather, cares for the needs of the people, which is exactly what the people needed. An investor who listens and cares about them. Through the compounding of returns, investors, funds have since grown from small investments to substantial retirement accounts.

The success of the Forefront Investment Trust is associated to the great efforts put by its founder to ensure, that investors get returns on investments, despite investing in the risky venture, as well as the great team of professionals that the clients have learned to trust with their investments. The clients who believe in the venture, despite big competition from the one percenters, have also greatly contributed to its success.

The trust now has subsidiaries all over the country, as Brad announced on Twitter. It has grown to be a great investment bank and wealth management institution, offering, individual and corporate advice to several people. All this has been enabled by the coalition of business, portfolio management, and banking and distribution leaders.  Read more at Brad’s about.me page.

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