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Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck’s growth mindset research has teachers thrilled, but faced with challenges when it comes to incorporating it into their classrooms. Dweck found that growth mindset can cause significant positive outcomes. In short, when children get a message, their brains are able to be molded and shaped; they have abilities that can be developed. Growth mindset can help children approach learning as a challenge that they are ready to embrace and they can change the perspective they have of themselves regarding learning.
ClassDojo, an innovator in educational technology (ed-tech) and Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) are collaborating to assist teachers with bringing growth mindset into their classrooms. Their joint effort will yield five, free, 2-to-3 minute long videos featuring familiar ClassDojo characters, focused on growth mindset is a winning combination for teachers, students, and parents.
The ClassDojo and PERTS mesh enhances growth mindset’s capacity to reach students and teachers to a degree that would otherwise not be possible.
The new information available as a result of using the PERTS, ClassDojo materials will be valuable in determining how growth mindset messages impact student engagement, what mindset messages are being given and their effectiveness. Sharing the growth mindset concept with students can help them better understand that learning in a different way than another person is not an indication that either learner is not smart.
It is no surprise that ClassDojo is involved in such an audacious undertaking. When Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don started their company in 2011, it was a time when there was no ed-tech that had culture and community among parents, students, and teachers at the core. The general ed-tech landscape was saturated with digital grade books, platforms for testing and curriculum.
ClassDojo has been a very useful tool for sharing classroom activities as they happen through videos and pictures, fostering a positive culture within classrooms and the schools of which those classrooms are a part.
ClassDojo offers 40 different languages into which it can be translated making it an extremely powerful communication and information sharing tool for teachers, parents, and students.
Teachers want great products at the ready that help them to best help the students they teach. ClassDojo continues to make that a reality, with innovative, cutting edge tools that empower parents, students and teachers in exciting and creative ways. Their current alliance will guide ClassDojo in becoming even better.


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